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  2. If you can afford it, the best return is from trying something with a far bigger variance than Blackjack. If they offer single 0 roulette I would suggest taking a $1000 bankroll ( sorry I don't know how to show a pound symbol) and betting $50 per spin on a single number and repeating until you hit it or you go bust.
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Best Casino Table Game Odds

eBet is a casino software developer that is based out of the Philippines, and it specializes in providing live dealer games to their customers. The group was founded in 2012 and primarily focused on the Asian market at its formation, but is expanding today to become a global gaming force.
The company does manage to bring some western style games like baccarat and roulette to players, but a lot of the games available will cater to those in eastern markets. You’ll find Sic Bo, Fortune Wheel, Dragon Tiger, and more.

In 2020, eBet launched a new user interface that further modernized their products. This platform is elegant, easy to navigate, and includes desktop and mobile platforms. You’ll end up seeing this group’s games being adopted by more casinos as time goes on, as the software is pretty impressive thus far.

eBET Casinos

eBET CasinosExpand

NameWizards SealDE Friendly Play
Dafabet / Dafa888NOYES
Bongo CasinoNOYES
Betcoin.ag CasinoNOYES
Betmaster CasinoNOYES
Crypto Thrills CasinoNOYES




The baccarat game allows you to keep track of your own shoe but the shoes on other games, for superstitious players who like to jump from table to table. In addition to the usual bets, they offer side bets on whether the Player and Banker hands will have an odd or even total. The following table shows all the bets offered, what they pay, and the house edge.

Wizard Of Odds Best Online Casinos

eBet Baccarat Summary

BetPaysHouse Edge
Player pair1110.36%
Banker pair1110.36%
Player odd0.963.78%
Player even0.95.09%
Banker odd0.943.07%
Banker even0.942.93%

Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger games offers the usual rules and pays. For players looking for trends, which is a waste of time, they offer the full five panels of statistics, commonly found on baccarat scoreboards. Following is the house edge on each bet:

  • Dragon: 3.73%
  • Tiger: 3.73%
  • Tie (pays 8 to 1): 32.77%

eBet gets the Wizard's finger wagging of shame for the stingy odds on the Tie bet at 8 to 1 only. For a list of live dealer providers who pay the more liberal 11 to 1 on the Tie bet, please see my pay on Live Dragon Tiger Dealer. Word games online.

Niu Niu

Bull Bull

This is a nicely done version of the obscure Cambodian game Niu Niu, which translates to Bull Bull in English. I couldn't find their rules, but I assume they follow the Cambodian one-deck rules, with an ultimate Niu Niu. If so, here is the house edge on both bets:

  • Equal: 2.50%
  • Double: 4.03%


As usual for live dealer products, the roulette wheel is single-zero. The camera angle looks directly down on the wheel. For the superstitious players, not only is there a red/black history board for the wheel you're playing, but the other live roulette wheels. The house edge on every bet is 2.70%.

Sic Bo

sic bo

The sic bo interface is well done with the camera looking down at the dealer at an attractive angle and distance. However, the odds are pretty lousy, as you can see in the following table. My advice, is to stick to the low, high, odd, and even bets only, if you do play.

eBet Sic Bo Summary

BetPaysCombinationsProbabilityHouse Edge
Small, Big, Even, Odd110548.61%2.78%
4, 175031.39%29.17%
5, 161862.78%47.22%
6, 1514104.63%30.56%
7, 1412156.94%9.72%
8, 138219.72%12.50%
9, 1262511.57%18.98%
10, 1162712.50%12.50%
Any triple2462.78%30.56%
Easy hop3062.78%13.89%
Hard hop6031.39%15.28%
Any number1,2,39142.13%7.87%

What I call the 'easy hop' bets are betting on a specific roll of three different faces, like 2-4-6. A 'hard hop' is a specific roll of two different faces, like 2-2-4.


Flirting Scholar

Ninja vs. Samurai

Medusa -- Curse of Athena

Honey Trap of Diao Chan

Peas Fairy

Steam Punk

Win Win Won

The slots have mostly Asian themes, some with high-resolution realistic graphics and others more cute and cartoony. They are played in narrow and long game frames. The type of features is often different than conventional American-style slots. So, kudos to eBet for having some creativity in their slots. Unfortunately, no information is provided about the return to player percentages.

Live Dealers

eBet features very attractive Philippine dealers in flattering black outfits. If they are there to distract you as you lose money, I'm sure they are doing their jobs well. They resolution and refresh rates are top notch. My personal experience is playing in demo mode. The games offered obviously attract an Asian audience, with games like dragon tiger, bull bull, baccarat, and sic bo.

Be warned that some of the bets carry a very high house edge of 30% or more in sic bo and dragon tiger. So don't let the Asian beauties distract you into making sucker bets, but read the details of the odds below for each game before you play.

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