Complete amateurs in the gambling world often wonder what it is that the more experienced members use to select the specific slot machines that they always play at. Is it the particular theme? The graphics of the game? The size of the jackpot?

While these are all useful variables to consider, anyone that has done their homework will know that the most important aspect to consider when it comes to slot machines, both online and physical.

This feature is commonly referred to, both in the UK and elsewhere, as the RTP of the slot machine – or return to player as it is officially known. Choosing the highest RTP slots is a crucial aspect for any slots fan to consider.


Great casinos for high-RTP slots. Slots with high RTP are not that hard to find. Many casinos have them and they are often highly promoted. What this means is that you don't need to go out of your way to find a good casino for this specific type of a game. These casinos have a good amount of slots, and thus, many high-RTP games. Welcome to WDW’s Top 20 RTP Slots. This dynamic ranking lists our favourite slots by their RTP, or Return to Player. When new slots launch, we try to add them. If you have recommendations for slots that you think we’re crazy to leave out, please get in touch via the comments. Below this list, we also have a full article explaining Slot RTP. 6 hours ago  Highest RTP Slots Jackpot 6000 RTP: 98.86% This slot comes from NetEnt and boasts an impressive RTP for players to enjoy. It has a classical feel thanks to its retro theme which is reminiscent of classic machine slots, players can also have fun with the supermeter feature. This feature can reward up to six thousand coins if the player manages.

Below is a free demo you can try out for the Big Bad Wolf slot from Quickspin. The RTP for this slot is an impressive 97.31%:

The RTP is normally characterised as a percentage, however, if you don’t actually comprehend what these numbers mean then they aren’t going to be of much use to you when you play. Luckily, we’ve decided to put together this simple guide explain return to player.

Throughout this guide, we’ll cover how RTP has an effect on slots, like the Big Bad Wolf slot, and how you can ensure that you’re choosing the right slots to play.

We’ll look into what a good RTP may be, the different volatilities, what the highest Quickspin RTP slots are and why the return to player rule is so important for customers and the casinos themselves. Some of the most common questions we get at revolve around the best RTP of Quickspin’s online slots.

We find that RTP or return to player is a term that is bandied about quite frequently with many casino-goers lacking the understanding of what it really means; this can also be down to the absence of an official definition for the best RTP slot machines.

what does RTP mean in online slots?

Simply put, the RTP is the percentage or rate at which you’ll get a return on your moneykind of. It’s the amount of money based on stakes wagered on a single came that will be returned to a player – the catch is that it isn’t per game – but over a period of time and operation of the particular slot game.

The RTP percentage means that, for example, if the RTP is 95%, for every £100 played in £1 bets, a player should (in theory) win back around £95. So, if a player plays at one slot for long enough, they should in theory win 95% of their money back.

This extended period of play, however, means that the RTP percentage doesn’t necessarily represent what a player will receive back per play, but the percentage that will be paying back at certain intervals.

In the long term, this means there could be many millions of spins before a payout, but that’s the appeal of slot machines – the payout percentage bounces around in the short term and you could have the one where someone else’s £95 is going towards your winnings. Conversely you could be putting your £95 towards someone else’s payout.

So, if players were to bet €1000 over a monthly period, the slot machine will have to give £950 back over the week if the RTP percentage is 95%. That being said, the variance in slots means that they will hardly ever give back the exact amount in one sitting.

Instead it could give 10% to one player, nothing to many players and even 200% to one lucky player – but over the month it will average itself out and give our 95% of the cash that’s been deposited over the month.

How Do You Calculate RTP Slots?

Gambling wouldn’t be as exciting as it is if it was easy to calculate how to win, the beauty is in the uncertainty of the game. The fact is that for the £100 you spend, you can take five other gamblers £95, meaning that you could walk away with £475.

So, if you win £250 from a £10 slot session, you can calculate your RTP at 2500%, but in reality, this result means that there were many other players before you that lost out and had a much lower RTP than that advertised for the slot.

Most online gaming slots have their return to player percentages available; it is hoped that seeing a 96% RTP is a way to incentivise more people to play the game with higher chances of winning at hand. As seen above though, this isn’t always the case for slots and many times you could come out below or above the average for an individual session.

If you’re looking to calculate your own RTP for your slot session, however, then there is a step-by-step process to get to your answer.

  1. Stakes Wagered

Rtp online, free

First things first, you need to record the stakes wagered, by writing down how much money you placed when playing a single session at a slot machine. So you need to record ever spin played, which was paid for – don’t include free, rewarded spins – as this will skew your calculations.

So, for example, if you have staked £0.75 on every spin for 55 spins then you have wagered a total of £41.25 on that slot session.

  1. Total Winnings

The next thing you have to calculate is your winnings achieved. Once again, you will have to record every single win that you are credited with – this includes both from base and bonus game winnings.

So, if you won £8.25 on free spins, £2.50 from a gamble game and a base winning of £17.50, then you’re going to have won £28.25 overall.

  1. Payout Percentage

Once you’ve got both the stakes wagered and your total winnings in hand, you can then go on to work out the payout percentage that you received for your slot session. So if you’ve won your total of £28.25 in your single session, having wagered £41.25, you will then have to divide your total £28.25 winnings by your £41.25 wagered – this will result in a number of 0.68.

Remove the decimal in this case and you are left with 68, which means the RTP percentage for your single slot session was 68%.If the number you come up with from your wagered stakes and winnings is 1 or higher, such as 1.68, then simply remove the decimal point and your RTP is 168%, which means that for this single use session, you won more money than you put in.

Should You Always Choose High RTP Slot Machines?

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After reading all the information above, it’s easy to understand why many players tend to favour the highest RTP slot percentages than ones with lower RTP percentages – you’re more likely to win with a high RTP – right?Well, that depends entirely on how you look at it.

This is why players need to learn about and consider the volatility, or variance, of a machine – as well as the return to player percentage. First, let’s go through what exactly the volatility of a slot machine is.

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Volatility, or variance, in slot machines, is the term used to explain the risks associated with that particular slot machine. It is attached to how often players can expect the slot to pay out and how high or low the payout is expected to be.

When it comes to a slot with low volatility, this means that players can expect to be paid more often, but with low to medium win amounts.On the other hand, a slot with high volatility means that players can expect less regular wins but with much larger amounts.

So, with this in mind, most players that go for high volatility slots have a smaller chance of winning, but if they do, they will win much more.It’s a risky option that has resulted in many players risking a lot of money and losing it all, but also a large portion of people walking away with a massive win.

What factors affect the RTP of a slot?

The House Edge

The house edge is exactly what it sounds like – the amount of money that the house (casino) gets to keep on each machine.

It is the exact opposite of the RTP and makes up for the other part of the percentage that is returned to the player. For example, if you are playing a 96% RTP, then the house edge has 4%. It’s basically what you stand to lose to the casino, and it is these percentages that help these businesses run and make a profit.

While not much use in the short term game, house edge in the long term will give you an insight into if the casino is a sure win or not.

These sure win slots should not have an RTP of less than 94%, and in recent years we’ve even seen the rise of slots that offer different RTP percentages based on levels. The longer you play – the higher the RTP becomes and the lower the house edge. If you are into playing long sessions, then it’s worth checking out these kinds of slots.

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High Volatility

Slots with high volatility will more than likely have a lower RTP – that is they will have a higher house edge (what the casino takes) but as seen above, even though these high volatility machines have a low RTP that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play them.

When playing these low RTP percentages in conjunction with a high volatility machine, you stand to make much bigger winnings than most slots.

That being said, these slots also run the risk of you spinning for quite some time before getting anything worthwhile.

This is because your money is being stored up by the slot machine in order to do one massive payout – if you’re lucky, it’ll be in your session.

There’s no way of knowing whether it’s going to be you that gets the cash, but the chances of a big win are what makes the lower RTP rates, sometimes as little as 92%, acceptable on these high volatility machines.

Low Volatility

If you’re looking for a high win to play ratio then low volatility slots should be your go to. They are a favourite among beginner players, as they promise a higher rate of winning even if it’s at a lower amount than what can be won with a high volatility.

Better stakes run alongside lower winnings; low volatility slots will pay out players at a higher frequency but at a lesser number. This makes them perfect for casual players or those who are just looking for their budget to last a little longer.

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All of the above means that slots that have a low volatility have a higher RTP slot percentage. Why you ask? It’s simple really: these slots are not storing up your money in order to pool for a big win – instead, they are frequently given back small amounts of cash to players that results in a higher win ratio and as such, a higher return to player ratio.

Using these low volatility machines means that you are probably not going to win big, but make it more likely that you will at least make some profit while playing for a longer period.

Quickspin Slots with the Highest RTPs

If you’re looking for the perfect Quickspin slot for you, you need to take a number of factors into account. Does the theme interest you? Does it have great graphics and lots of interesting features to keep you playing? Is the winning potential high enough for you?

However, there’s one thing some players forget to take into account – the RTP. This is a hugely important part of casino gaming, and because we want you to make the best possible choice, we’re here to explain all about RTP.

WHAT IS RTP AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT YOU (in relation to Quickspin slots)?

RTP stands for Return to Player. Basically, it is the amount of stake that will be returned to players in winnings. So, if a slot has a 100% RTP, then you would expect it to pay out the exact same amount that was put into it.

On the other hand, if the figure was 0%, then it would never pay out anything. Do keep in mind, though, that when we say “pay out”, we mean in the long run and to a number of players, not just a single player in a single session.

Another way of looking at this is to say that the difference is the house edge. An RTP of 95% leaves a house edge of 5% – this is the casino’s profit.

Does a High RTP Mean More Winnings?

This might make you think that a slot with a high RTP automatically means more winnings for the player. This isn’t always the case, though. For a start, as we briefly mentioned above, the RTP is calculated over the long term.

This means that the figure takes into account all of the money wagered by numerous players over a period of time and lots of games.

When playing, you might win more than your fair share or you might find that you get less than the RTP back, with other players winning more instead. So RTP applies to all players over a period of time, not just you.

As you may have noticed, there is an impressive range of Quickspin slot games and bonuses on offer at many UK online casino sites. If you are a frequent player, then it pays to know which of the Quickspin range have the highest payout percentages – these are the machines you want to keep a close eye out for.

How Do RTP and Variance/Volatility Impact Each Other?

Another word you might have seen mentioned in connection with slots is volatility, with some people using the word variance instead. This is different from the RTP, as it tells you how frequently wins will come along.

A low volatility slot will probably give you a lot of wins that are fairly modest in size. High volatility slots will generally produce bigger wins – but they won’t come along so regularly.

It is possible to have any combination of RTP and volatility. A slot can have a high RTP and low volatility, for example. Equally, it could have a low RTP and high volatility levels.

What Are the Quickspin Slots with the Highest RTP?

Finding a Quickspin slot with a high RTP gives you an extra incentive to play it. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of their best games with temptingly high returns.

  • Joker Strike: This stylish slot has an incredible RTP of up to 98.11% and is the Quickspin slot with the highest RTP to date. It features an outer wheel with additional prizes that really brings it to life. The more you wager, the more wilds and strikes you get, so this game is perfect for high rollers.
  • Goldilocks and the Wild Bears: Do you fancy getting caught up in a classic fairy-tale as you spin the reels? This is a cute and enjoyable Quickspin slot with an impressive RTP of 97.84%. Look out for the cottage and the bowl of porridge, as they are both wilds.
  • Big Bad Wolf: Another fairy-tale brought to the reels by Quickspin, Big Bad Wolf offers an RTP of 97.31%. The three little pigs are featured in this beautifully designed game that sees the wind blow away winning lines to replace them, for a second chance for a win.
  • Sinbad: Is it time to sail the seven seas in this 97.06% RTP slot? Sinbad is played out in a fantastically intricate setting with an exotic nautical theme. Free spins and wilds add to the excitement, with slithering snakes leaving wilds behind them.
  • Treasure Island: With a 97.05% RTP, this is another Quickspin slot that promises excellent chances of winning. In fact, this is one of the developer’s most feature-packed games. The bonuses come thick and fast, with a free spin bonus, pirate attack bonus and treasure hunt bonus all waiting for you to spin.
  • Mighty Arthur: The legend of King Arthur is brought to the screen with a lovely 96.94% RTP. In this slot, you get both Arthur and Merlin as wild symbols and a mystery nudge bonus too.

These are just some of the best Quickspin slot games to look out for online, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all there – remember to keep an eye out for the return to player percentages on this amazing line on online machines and you’re bound to find you’re winnings will improve drastically.

Where Can I Play These Slots?

There is no denying the attraction of these Quickspin slots. Fascinating themes, lots of features and high RTP all add up to an attractive package.

If you want to give one or more of them a try then this is easy to do. Many of the very best casinos have a big selection of slots from this developer. In fact, at the moment you can get free spins on Big Bad Wolf when you sign up at either Guts Casino or Sir Jackpot.

It takes time and determination to find the best slots and so we went ahead and did the homework for you. Here, we have put together a comprehensive list of Quickspin designed slot games that have got the most lucrative return to player percentages and payout rates:

We’ve also put together a few handy little bullet points on Quickspin so you know exactly what to expect before putting down a deposit.

  • Quickspin was founded by three specialists with massive amounts of experience, and that’s why they are top in terms of popularity in slot machines.
  • Two of the founders worked for NetEnt and the other founder was from UniBet.
  • That’s exactly what they did with their user-friend, simple slots machines that have great colours, graphics and generous return to player percentages.
  • When it comes to their slot machines, Quickspin is similar to NetEnt; they’re known for their clean, beautiful slot machines and their randomness and fair play had been thoroughly tested.
  • Quickspin are solely specialised in slot machines and don’t do table games, or live games.
  • The return to player percentage on Quickspin slots ranges from 95% to 97%.
  • When it comes to these Swedish designed machines, you can expect an average dispersion and volatility.
  • The bonus features are triggered above the normal average for slot machines. This means that they pay out more often but in smaller amounts.
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These are just some of the best Quickspin slot games to look out for online, but that doesn’t mean that they’re all there – remember to keep an eye out for the return to player percentages on this amazing line on online machines and you’re bound to find you’re winnings will improve drastically. Play roulette online no money poker.

Why is RTP Important?

As you can see from the comprehensive guide above, the return to player percentage is essential if you want to know that you have a good chance of winning back your stakes over a long-term period.

While it may not be 100% accurate every time, and in the short run someone else might get the winnings, if you stick with it, you’re average will increase and you’re bound to make back the money that you’ve put in.

The return to player percentage is important for players to judge whether they are onto a good machine or not, but remember to also take into account the volatility discussed above.

Always look at the RTP of a machine before you decide to play and use the formula given in this guide to work out your RTP per single session and this will help you to calculate how much yours is improving over the long-term.

RTPs aren’t just important for players, however, as they are also an imperative part of helping casinos, both online and physical to keep going.

The house edge of the return to player percentage is the money that the house will make on each machine, so if the RTP is 96% the 4% left over is the profit that the house makes.

This ensures that the casino site is still making money and can continue to provide their services to the many people who enjoy playing. They are businesses after all, and they rely on making a profit to keep on trading.

Well done – You’re now an RTP slotspert!

We hope that you have enjoyed our comprehensive guide to return to player percentages. Going forward we hope you will be able to use the information we have provided to calculate your own RTP percentage per session – it will help you in your next play!

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