Star Roulette

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Star Wheel Operator sells 3 types of Star Stone Roulettes, you can spend certain amount of CPs to spin the roulette to win star stones! Let's check out the detail below.
You Have Chance to Get One of the Rewards Below
29 CPs
Twilight Star Stone x 6
Bright Star Stone x 1
Bright Star Stone x 3
Bright Star Stone x 6

'Round and round, the little ball spins, and when it stops, somebody wins on.PUZZLE ROULETTE! And here's the star of PUZZLE ROULETTE, Jim Lange!' Puzzle Roulette was an unsold game show pilot similar to Catch Phrase but with casino-styled theme to it. 1 Gameplay 1.1 Main Game 1.1.1 Round 1: Red or Black 1.1.2 Round 2: Odd or Even 1.1.3 Round 3: Top or Bottom 1.1.4 Lucky Number 1.2 Bonus. Vegas Star Roulette Vegas Star Roulette is a fully automated table game with all the with all the excitement of the original, that allows you to place your bets via a touch screen on your individual layout.

You Have Chance to Get One of the Rewards Below
89 CPs
Bright Star Stone x 2
Bright Star Stone x 4
Bright Star Stone x 8
Radiant Star Stone x 2

Lucky Star Roulette is a great little alternative if you fancy something a bit different- a good game of roulette with a bit of extra oomph in the style department. This game is a hybrid, a taste of oriental gaming with a solid heart of roulette at its centre- a fun way to try and pocket some dosh with a twist. Lucky Star Roulette is a great little alternative if you fancy something a bit different- a good game of roulette with a bit of extra oomph in the style department. This game is a hybrid, a taste of oriental.

You Have Chance to Get One of the Rewards Below
859 CPs
Radiant Star Stone x 2
Radiant Star Stone x 4
Radiant Star Stone x 8
Splendid Star Stone x 2

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Star Sydney Casino & Hotel or ‘The Star’ is New South Wales’ only major brick and mortar live casino located in the area of Pyrmont, Sydney. Formerly known as Star City Casino until 2011, the entertainment complex officially opened on 13 September 1995. It has undergone a huge development program, particularly over the last three years, to significantly expand its facilities for its patrons. The sprawing establishment is recognised as the second largest land-based casino in Australia.

The newly branded ‘The Star’ consists of a 24/7 casino with two gaming floors, an exclusive V.I.P. section, eight bars, seven restaurants, The Marquee nightclub, and the 2,000 seat Lyric Theatre. The Star also boasts 351 hotel rooms and 130 serviced and privately owned apartments, and is famous for overlooking Darling Harbour.

Gambling at Star Sydney Casino

The Star offers a diverse range of casino titles for all moods and preferences. The venue boasts 2,500 of the latest pokies machines and 350 table games registered. The staple games are all on offer, including Baccarat, Blackjack, poker, video poker and, of course, Roulette. The gaming floors offers both low-stakes and high-stakes table games for all types of players – casuals, high rollers, VIPs, and so on.

Their most popular games and variants offered include:

  • 2-Up
  • Baccarat – 7-Up Baccarat‏, Vegas Star
  • Blackjack – Blackjack Challenge, Blackjack Switch, Vegas Star
  • Roulette – Rapid Roulette, Vegas Star
  • Casino War
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • Money Wheel
  • Pai Gow
  • Poker – Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker, Omaha, Three-Card, Four-Card
  • Rapid Money Wheel
  • Sic Bo – Rapid Sic Bo

All games are playable across two gaming floors – the main Star gaming floor on level one with general access, and the Sovereign Room on level 3 for invite-only high rollers and V.I.Ps. Within the Sovereign room is the Inner Sanctum, where stakes are as high as $100 to $500,000.

Roulette at The Star

Star City offers both European roulette (single-zero) and American roulette (double-zero) across its gaming floors. As is common in many brick and mortar casinos, the lower stake tables ($1 – $5) typically use the American layout, which features double-zero. The higher stakes tables ($5 and up) use the European layout, which features single-zero.

Roulette played at The Star has a house edge of 2.70% for single-zero roulette tables and 5.26% for double-zero tables. No matter your usual stakes preferences, we always recommend playing at European tables for the better player odds, for both newcomers and long-time experienced roulette players.

Electronic Roulette at Star City

Novo Unity II Roulette, Rapid Roulette and Vegas Star Roulette are also available at The Star. All three variants are electronic versions of the game played on a touch-screen terminal, and are run by a live dealer or a random number generator (RNG). Prime slots 110 free spins bonus.

Vegas Star Roulette Algorithm


Jackpots range from $100 to $1000, and the games allow players to play at their own electronic terminal in front of either a live croupier who spins the ball, or in front of an on-screen roulette wheel operated by a RNG.

Rapid Roulette is generally played at a quicker pace, and has a lower minimum bet. Novo Unity and Vegas Star’s differences are mostly aesthetic, but the general playing rules are the same across all three. Winning bets are paid instantly, and results are quickly updated accordingly. A handy feature is the timer on the side of the screen, which keeps track of how long you’ve played and how long you have to bet in between spins.

The Star Hotels

Star Roulette

The Star has two luxury hotels for patrons to choose from. The Darling and Astral Tower & Residences offer single room accomodation, two and three bedroom hotel suites, and serviced apartments and opulent penthouses.

Vegas Star Roulette

Business travellers can take advantage of a pre-arrival concierge service and a business centre for email and fax sending and receiving. All bookings also have access to an adjacent health club and a 16-room luxury day spa. Furthermore, for entertainment such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs, these facilities can be found within the main entertainment complex.

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