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  • Ultimtate Rohan Server: exp x5000, drop x5000, crones x3000 Max level 110, dedicated server, fully spawned, full-proof anti-cheat, no hacked items, item mall, guild logo, automatic patcher, balanced pvp.
  • ABOUT THE GAME: Rohan GOD (Rohan Online Private Server) - Rohan: Blood Feud (an English-speaking version of the recently released Rohan Online) is a free-to-play.
  • Rohan Naahar- Read the latest articles by Rohan Naahar on the trending topics, breaking news and top headlines at Hindustan Times.
  • Rohan: Blood Feud (an English-speaking version of the recently released Rohan Online) is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). One week of closed beta testing in America started from March 17, 2008 by publisher YNK Interactive. It ended its one week of closed beta testing.

SEAL ONLINE BLADES OF DESTINY Seal Online Blades of Destiny retains the same vibrant atmosphere as its predecessor with its whimsical characters and colorful world, while enhancing game play with new features and content.

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Renaissance Rohan

exp x40, drop x10, crones x30, balanced pvp, no OP items, Max level 150[low xp rate after 115], trinty, hero III, recycle, Dedicated server, 1Gbps bandwidth, no crashes, full-proof anti-cheat, no hacked items, new server [EU realm]


Rohan ProGame

Rohan Online - Blood Feud Private server, new items and much more Best paying rtg casino slots.


Global Icarus

All informations are on the website server is well maintained and GMs are always onlineevents will be held everyday and server is perfectly secured from any cheats


Yolo Rohan Online - 2 Years

2 Years online, Major update, New Armor, New Weapons, 4 Mall Points every 5 seconds, Exp: x100, Gold x25, IP Ticket Farming Mock Duck, Ahkma Cave, Upper, Ronelia, R3 etc Just give it a try


Reflex Rohan Online

Hero II, Active Community, Daily Events, Easy Leveling, Item Mall, Free Mall, IP Mall, Active Antihack, Active Hunter Kit Join us now


StarHawk Development Rohan

StarHawk-Development :Game Type : Semi PVE , Event everyday, Easy Leveling, x35 Drop Rate, High Forge Rates, Free Mall, balanced Damage,Active NPC Buy Sell in Gathering hall , lets invite all your friends to play in StarHawk Development


Exile Rohan Private server

Exile Gaming is Free To Play Rohan Private Server We have stable and supportive community High Rates and Game Experience


Rohan Su

Exp:x380 / Drop:x90 / Gold:x160 The most complete Private server Daily Events amp Updates, 1000+ playersInstance system fully working High rates, unique features, ingame rewards system And so much more


Ares Rohan

exp: x180 gold: x2500 drop: x310 The most complete Private server Daily Events, updates, 1000+ players onlineInstance system fully working High rates, unique features, ingame rewards system And much more


Arena Rohan

Arena Rohan is a PVP style balanced server, all skills of each classes are equal no overpower and also the items Max Level: 110, Exp: 100 Rare/Unique/LevelRefine/StatusRefine:100 Ancient: 50 Active GMs, Event everyday, Join now


StarHawk Development Server

StarHawk Development - Read our rules and terms of service before registering, downloading, or playing our server


:: Pandawa Private Server ::

Hero patch 110 Level, Exp 70 DROP 90 RARE 90 ANCIAN 90 DOWN LEVEL 100 REFINE 90 Item Mall Exchange Market [Item, Crone, Char]


Rohan Free 2 Play 2016

Exp 150x Drop 75x Quest 50x, Daily Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Best PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, No Bugs, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support, Join Now



Classic Server Level Cap : 110 Farm for your Equipments



[Experience Rates]1-110 - FASTIP Drop Ratio: MEDIUM[Starter Items]Very good starting items eq8x SeS + ASESPermanent MonkeyHunter Kit 24hAdorned Option Stones Glacial Weapons Glacial Armors in MAGIC SHOP FOR CRONE IP SHOP


Extreme Rohan

Server Status Online Registered User 7327 Total Character 11291 Online Players 438 Experience x10 Drop x3 Crone x2


Rohan Enix Day Zero

Rohan Enix is a Free to Play Server allowing all players from around the world to come togather and fight for Towns and Respect


Zenon Rohan

Date : October 24, 2015 Exp:Mid / Drop:Low / Gold:Low 200+ Online Farming Site Ip: Ronelia, Upper, Gratt Underground [FB Page:search: Zenon Development] [FB Group:search: Zenon Development Page]



Server Classic Xor Hunter Kit Active Point login Active : 5 min 1 poin Poin guild : 1500 / 300 Anti Crash : active Anti Dupe : Active HackShield : Active weekend Maintenance : Friday Rate :25x EXP 5x Drop 25x Crone Rare : 80 Unique : 60 Ancient : 40 Refine stat / level 50


Renegade Development Rohan

Online 100+PH Server 8:00+


Exiled Rohan

A new dedicated rohan private server that offers unique and quality rohan gaming experience Mid rate server , Stable and balance server


Breaking Bad Rohan 1

The best top rated server No item mallAll items in game to farm Level 115Most balanced server NO PAY 2 WIN ALL ITEMS IN GAME


99 Level Cap/Non Hero Skill/Non Glacial/

Level 99 Cap , Honor Sytem , Non Hero Skill , Non hazy , Non Ronelia , Non glacial



Exp x30, Drop x30, Crone x30, all monster drop IP ticket, rare,unique,ancient-wind server all item buy IP mall, WIND SERVER IS BEST PVP SERVER JOIN NOW


Rohan GO

Homepage : : : Client :

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Rohan Online Hybrid Str Guardian Guide by KatyPerry

So Ive tracked down Roys (aka Katyperry) old Hybrid/STR Guardian guide as it has become apparent to me while playing on the new sever that there is alot of newer players who are in need of such guides as this. I know it was said that the older guides would be added here, but they still haven’t. Anyways I know alot of work went into the making of this guide so I only hope it can help the newer players.

Keep in mind tho that this guide was made before epics/ upgrades and just all the newer stuff in general.

Skill Build

Ideal skill build if you can level 6 everything

Frozen/Darkness 5 : Own preference.
Taunt 1 : Needed.
Rising Might 5 : No explanation needed.
Sharpen Blade 5 : No explanation needed.
Invoke 5 : No explanation needed.
Bless Shield 1 : Needed to unlock “Charge”, not worth putting more points into it.
Charge 4 : (or 5, you will have 2, or more if you SES some skills, free skillpoints. will explain later.)

Sword mastery 5 : No explanation needed.
Physical Blow 5 : No explanation needed.
Taunt Roar 1 : Needed.
Rush 5 : No explanation needed.
War cry 5 : Good for 1v1-ing melee characters, but also usefull in group pvp if used well.
Crazy Strenght 5 : No explanation needed
Final Crash 5 : Worthfull damage builder for pvp and pve (does more damage in pve/bosses then Knight Symbol.)
Crazy Standing 5 : No explanation needed.
Blue Drain 5 : One of the most underrated pvp skills of a guardian, will explain the use later on.
Order Swing 5 : No explanation needed.
Heavy weapon 5 : Very usefull pvp skill, especially vs Dhans/Str. Defenders/Templars/Rangers/other Guardians
Critical Aura 5 : No explanation needed.
Straight Repulse 1 : Kind of usefull damage builder for O.S, but in my opinion could rather spend the extra points on something else than this skill. Level 1 will do.
Roha’s Blessing 3 : (or 4/5) Needed for combo-ing ( O.S + C.S ) in pvp and pve. Also good to get away from people.
Knight Symbol 5 : Best damage dealing skill vs higher levels in pvp, last skill you use in your C.S / O.S.
Stoneskin 5 : Can help you out in hard situations.

There are 2 free skillpoints, or more, and a few choices to spend them on. Some examples :
– Put both of them in Roha’s blessing and possibly SES it to 6.
– Put 1 in Charge, 1 in Roha’s and SES it to 5.
– Put 1 in Roha’s and SES it to 5, and get Bleed lvl 1 and possibly ses Charge to 5.
etc, etc. One thing you can also do is make Charge 3 and SES it to 4, to save another Skillpoint.

Why Roha’s Blessing Level 3 so far? Because that’s exactly the time you will need for you’re combo to be finished, and if you rather spend your Skillpoints somewhere else, Level 3 will be enough.

If I got to level my Guardian to 99 I would SES Charge to Level 5, 1 Skillpoint into Roha’s Blessing and SES it to Level 5, Leaving 1 Skillpoint wich I would probably put in Bleed.

The use of Blue Drain and Charge.
Blue Drain is a very underrated skill, it’s shines in pvp because of the simple fact that you can mana drain about everyone to 0 mana. Think of the fact that you can mana drain vit defenders so their templars are without emp. And the cooldown of Blue Drain is only 20 seconds, where normal pots are 40 seconds. Also with lvl 6/7 and CS you could fully drain a Priest, and templars with Mana Guard on. Also it’s usefull against Dhans (lose their Invenom/mana) and rangers (lose their winged food/imbue/mana) and other guardians (lose their crit aura/imbue/mana). Only thing that is kinda hard is to fully drain Wizards, but most likely they are never on full mana in pvp really. so not saying it’s impossible. Some minor pro’s from blue drain : blue drain a vit dekan and he will health to mana -> loses more hp -> easier to kill, and you can work together with a dhan, blue drain + mana drain + a succesed mind ex = legit.

Charge… most people say shield buff+stun are for Str/Vit defenders, but especially when selfbuffed, charge is an awesome (read AWESOME) skill for a guardian. Not only it stuns, but it also does some legit damage, especially when O.S’ing. Especially selfbuffed it can get hard to kill higher p.def/higher hp targets, this is where a simple switch to shield -> Stun -> switch manually back to dagger comes out very well. Note that this may take alot of practise, but it’s well worth the effort.
No matter how great your gears are, Templars with mb + mana guard are hard to kill (yes they have reflection, I know) but also Str defenders with some decent hp, or just any class that has a decent amount of hp or using DD/Tank weapons.
Also it can be used for supporting with stuns.

Skills to Level 6
In my opinion, for a Guardian. if you want to get a big return from the Level 6’s you almost have to have every skill/buff at Level 6. Only a few Level 6’s will only give a minor improvement.

Skills to SES:
– Crazy Strenght : More STR.
– Crazy Standing: More damage in Crazy Standing + when you Level 7 it you can fit 1,5 CS in one OS.
– Order Swing: More damage in your Order Swing.
– Rising Might: More STR.
– Invoke: Higher Crits.
– Heavy Weapon: 60% drop in attack speed instead of 50%. (shouldn’t be one of your first skills to SES)
– Critical Aura: Higher crit rate. (6% instead of 5%)
– Rush: 1 second longer stun. (paralyze)
– Knight Symbol: Higher KS damage.
– Final Crash: Higher FC damage.
– Blue Drain: More mana drained. (might be needed for Wizards/Priests)
– War Cry: Higher drop in melee % (shouldn’t be one of your first skills to SES)
– Sword Mastery: Higher weapon damage, wich is weapon attack -> pure melee.
– Physical Blow: Higher HP
– Stoneskin: Longer stoneskin (adviced only to SES to save skillpoints)
– Sharpen Blade: Higher weapon damage, wich is weapon attack -> pure melee.
– Roha’s Blessing: Lasts longer (adviced only to SES to save skillpoints)
– Charge: Longer stun, more damage or used to save Skillpoints

Skills to Level 7
THE first skills you should get to Level 7 are again:
-Crazy Standing
-Order Swing

Simply because with Level 7 Crazy standing you can use Crazy Standing twice ( actually 1.5 times) in One Order Swing, wich will result in alot more damage output.

Then you should be looking at things like, Str buffs, Sharpen + Sword mastery, Blue Drain, KS, and the others.
But really. To be honest it’s Crazy Standing and Order Swing that are most important, then the STR buffs and WA buffs.

Stats Build
Stats is the easiest part, you simple go 90~100 base Dex, rest Str (NO Vit) or Full Str (NO Vit).
There is a discussion going on about wether to go Full str or 90~100 base dex. No matter what I’d still say that arround 90~100 base Dex and the rest in str will be more then enough. My guardian had 90~100 base dex and the rest into str. fully lvl 7 buffed, with wings and not the best earrings/goggles I ended up having 1350 Str and 650 Dex. With 51’s I ended up having 1650 str and near 1000 Dex. Why in my opinion the little base Dex? because dex is the highest buffable stat in the game, lvl 7 nimble/alcarity/quickness/almighty and invoke. Total that sums up to alot of Dex, so that little base dex will give you a decent amount of dex. But especially if you get debuffed, or aren’t able to get all those buffs, you will still have a fair enough amount of Dex. And especially with a crit sword, this will shine in my opinion.

Now some of you might wonder, why adding no vit to the build? won’t I be squishy?

The hard, but true answer is Yes, you will probably will be squishy, but no matter if you have 0 base vit, 100 base vit, or 200 base vit, a Templar, a Dhan, another Guardian OS’ing you, or even a Ranger. in group pvp you Will die. It’s just the difference between getting 5 hitted by a templar, or 6 hitted, 4 critted by a dhan or 5 critted etc…

For a Hybrid Guardian or full str, you’re best defense is offense.
Especially if you are good at playing your guard in PvP, you Will get targeted, I’m not saying I were the best guardian on my server or was “good”, but I know there are alot of people that can agree with the fact that I knew what I was doing. And in group PvP/TW’s I had my butt vacuumed, debuffed, spiked, silenced about all the time, if you get some people on you. you will die anyway. So in my opinion the best thing is to be good at 1 thing, then below average on 2 things. Because you WON’T be able to tank, and you’re damage WON’T be as good when you add an amount of base Vit to your build. So focus on the thing you do best, dealing damage.

I didn’t have the best gear. average bedron with 280-360 HP on it, my melee sword had 33% Damage Drop, and I had no RP/Crones to make myself a Crit sword. Using wings, costume and talisman and still having 17K HP.

How to get high hp without adding vit to your build?

My guardian had about 11.5-12.5K HP -> E.bedron 280-360 HP + Costume + Talisman + Physical Blow and Almighty. But I didn’t run arround with my melee sword, I ran arround with my Vit/HP sword, wich gave me a total of 17k HP. (With wings, when I used 51’s I had 22k HP. Both numbers are without 30% HP scroll)

This was my tanking Sword :

Besides the fact that it gives you alot more HP and more survivability, it also has another positive side to it. It’s cheap! You can farm the pieces, and even buy them ingame.

For this sword the next items were used : 3x max/close to max vit swords + 1x 12% HP sword + high vit ring to enchant it. All can be bought/found ingame, because they are not even close to being worth as much as melee swords.

Why Vit? and not HP%?
I prefered Vit because the amount of vit made up alot for the lack of P.defense. And also because it stacks with Marea’s grace. I also had a 51% HP weapon, but with just Almighty both the swords gave me the same amount of HP. But with Almighty and Marea’s Grace the Vit sword gave me 1000 more HP then the 51% HP sword.

Rohan Online Monster Location


First I’ll give you a list of preferable Weapons to have:


5x% Melee sword with OR atleast 30%+ DD or 10%+ Crit.
– Tanking sword -> Vit or HP with DD (like the sword I showed above, or a 51% HP sword).
– Melee Dagger, 45-50% melee with either 10%+ crit or 30%+ DD.
– A shield, doesn’t matter what one really, but the end game unique shield is faily easy to make, the pieces don’t have to be maxed, 20 p.def will be enough and don’t even have to ancient it. It’s mainly for the stun, but 8x p.def endgame shield helps your defense too.
– Mobi sword ( or dagger if you can’t find a sword) Mine was a dagger. simply because it had 35% Mobility and 35% Melee attack on it. so I’d just run arround with shield + mobi dagger and kill people. (Walked arround with shield + Tank sword if not attacking.)
(If you have enough RP, I would even advice having two 5x% melee swords, one with DD and one with Crit, for different situations. I’d be peeing my pants with a Crit sword between all these dhans and templars nowadays to be honest.)

At low levels (till 60) you should use Str + if possible, melee on your weapons. For the 3rth Unique you should be looking at close to 40% melee on it and 30%+ DD or 10%+ Crit
(Sorry that I don’t spend much attention to the lower levels, but in my opinion Hybrids below high 8x’s aren’t worth mentioning as a Hybrid. because you’re Str and Dex won’t be high enough at that level.)


There are 3 Pets that in my opinion would fit a Hybrid Guardian:
– Level 3 Soft Kahto / Royal Dragon(40% mobi at Level 3)
– Level x King Lion
– Level 3 Molly / Empress Unicorn (Heals more then Molly)
(Yes you could also use Bear / Tiger but these are less good in my opinion)

Soft Kahto:
Level 1:
Mobility increases by 10%. Weight increases by 10%.

Level 2:
Mobility increases by 20%. Weight increases by 20%.

Level 3:
Mobility increases by 30%. Weight increases by 30%.

Why soft Kahto? Kahto is very usefull if you are 1v1-ing Guardians/Rangers or any other class, but also in Townwar if you need to kill towers or get to your Guildleader really fast. Also if you get debuffed, you switch to your Vit/HP/DD sword or mobi Sword/dagger, run a bit back and rebuff for example. Also the Kahto allows you to skip ( explained in Pvp tips ).

Royal Dragon:
Level 1:
Site memory retention 10 minutes (allows you to teleport back to your saved location).
Mobility increases by 20%. Weight increases by 30%.

Level 2:
Site memory retention 20 minutes (allow you to teleport back to your saved location).
Mobility increases by 30%. Weight increases by 40%.

Level 3:
Site memory retention 30 minutes (allows you to teleport back to your saved location).
Mobility increases by 40%. Weight increases by 50%.

King Lion:
Level 1:
Critical damage reduced by 10%. (incoming critical hit damage is lowered).
HP increases by 20%. Weight increases by 30%.
Attack Speed increases by 10%.

Level 2:
Critical damage reduced by 15%. (incoming critical hit damage is lowered).
HP increases by 30%. Weight increases by 40%.
Attack Speed increases by 15%.

Level 3:
Critical damage reduced by 20%. (incoming critical hit damage is lowered).
HP increases by 35%. Weight increases by 50%.
Attack Speed increases by 20%.

I loved crit reduction when I still had my Level 3 Tiger, so I will also love it when I had a King Lion, Plus it has HP increase and Attack speed increase, wich are both usefull. So this is a pet which helps on more different area’s. Though I’d Still prefer Soft Kahto/Royal Dragon above this pet.

Level 1:
Complete Defense 5%. (you get an additional chance to block an incoming attack completely).
Recovers HP/MP by 7000. (this feature can only be used every two minutes).
Weight increases by 10%.

Level 2:
Complete Defense 10%. (you get an additional chance to block an incoming attack completely).
Recovers HP/MP by 5000. (this feature can only be used every two minutes).
Weight increases by 20%.

Level 3:
Complete Defense 15%. (you get an additional chance to block an incoming attack completely).
Recovers HP/MP by 9000. (this feature can only be used every two minutes).
Weight increases by 30%.

Rohan Online Pvp

Rohan online 2

Rohan Online Forum

Empress Unicorn
Level 1:
Complete Defense 10%. (you get an additional chance to block an incoming attack completely).
Recovers HP/MP by 5000. (this feature can only be used every two minutes).
Buffs with greater than a three second casting time are reduced by 1.0 second.
Weight increases by 30%.

Rohan Online Shop

Level 2:
Complete Defense 15%. (you get an additional chance to block an incoming attack completely).
Recovers HP/MP by 9000. (this feature can only be used every two minutes).
Buffs with greater than a three second casting time are reduced by 1.5 seconds.
Weight increases by 40%.

Rohan Online Game

Level 3:
Complete Defense 15%. (you get an additional chance to block an incoming attack completely).
Recovers HP/MP by 12000. (this feature can only be used every two minutes).
Buffs with greater than a three second casting time are reduced by 1.5 seconds.
Weight increases by 50%.

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