Rohan Blood Feud

First of all I want to tell you that R.O.H.A.N here is a different term from that Rohan from Lord of The Rings. So please don't be confused about that.
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If you can't find a solution to your problem in our knowledgebase, you can submit a ticket by selecting the appropriate department below. Download Rohan: Blood Feud for Windows to join your friends and make new ones in huge fantasy-world MMORPG game. Gta 5 online free play on computer.

Rohan: Blood Feud is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG). This is the english-speaking version of the original and the first Rohan Online game which is simply called Rohan Online that was originally developed by Korean developer. Rohan Blood Feud also considered as the international Rohan Online game based in US and available for players from all country in the world. There are several other versions of Rohan Online which based in different country such as Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Philipines as well.

Rohan, an MMORPG released back in 2008. Such a great time for playing MMORPG's. Back when they weren't all P2W messes. Ah, those were the good old days. Hard core MMORPG. Log in with your playrohan.com account.

Release date of this game : May 28, 2008 Open-Beta
Genre of the game : Fantasy MMORPG
Currently Rohan: Blood Feud is under Playwith Interactive care and still running until today with 2 main servers for player to choose their character to begin with. Server Isen and Jainus player can choose between these server to create a character and begin their journey.
Rohan: Blood Feud is a Fantasy MMORPG meaning this game set in a magical fantasy land with Gods and several races other than humans somewhere in medieval era. There are currently 8 races that player can choose when creating a character. Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dhan, Dekan, Giant, and Trinity you can choose what you like and it's not gender-lock(you can choose male or female). For more information about the class you can visit this link below to the official rohan website.
Another thing about Rohan that I need to inform you is, this game is a heavy Player Versus Player(PVP) oriented game, so for you who like to do PVP a lot, fighting another player, this game is for you, One on One PVP or Group PVP this game excel on both, delivering an amazing experience for those PVP lovers. The vast amount of skills from each race and each jobs grant you many options on how to beat your opponents. Create your own combo, strategy, for both PVP and Group PVP.

Rohan Blood Feud

Having said that, I want to say that this game also has a nice Player Versus Enemy(PVE) orientation, you can explore the world of Rohan that quite large and fight them alone or in a party system(fight them with another player). This is the main source for you to gather Experience(EXP) to level up your character and make it stronger. The max cap level is currently 115+50. The +50 here is the conqueror level, you gain that after reached lv115. There also many dungeons inside the game that you can explore for a stronger enemies, they usually are harder than those enemies on the plain field of map, but they offer more experience for a same level enemies. It 's better to explore and fight enemies in a dungeon with a friend.
There are several maps in the world of Rohan, and also each races has their own capital kingdom, so every different race usually start with their own map(kingdom/capital hometown).

Rohan Blood Feud Reddit

Okay now what is actually going on in this game? I mean does this game has any plot or story whatsoever?
Rohan blood feud redditOr it just another RPG game?
The answer is yes it does have plot, but I won't tell it here because it's quite a long history, instead I will give the link to the plot and story below.

Rohan Blood Feud Hacks

Also if you want to read the official 'What is R.O.H.A.N?' here I give the link to the official page too.
All in all I want to say that if you are a RPG fans and want to try a multiplayer mode, R.O.H.A.N Blood Feud is one of those game you have to try. Even though it's considered an old game,the game play is very good, graphics is not the best but it still nice for the game that out in 2008 yet still running until now. It doesn't need you to have a crazy graphic cards or RAM like nowadays modern game that almost always requires the most advanced specifications on your machine. Really just 2GB RAM is enough to play this game without lag. Go and try it, what are you waiting for?
Here's the link to download the game from the official site(you can also see the system requirements)
Thanks for reading hope you like it!
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