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Today in the Real Mahjong game we want to offer you to solve several difficult puzzles. On the screen, you will see the playing field with game tiles lying all over it. On each of them, you can see pictures. You will need to inspect all objects and find completely identical ones. I’ve recently started playing Mah Jongg on a new website I was intrigued, in part because I haven’t played Mah Jongg online previously. I found that while this is definitely not my preferred method of play, it does fulfill some needs. The game is played with the NMJL 2016 card, and the rules are the same. I was able to visualize all the discards in an easier format than if.

Here is an example of the basic steps to getting started:

  1. Have a National Mah Jongg League, Inc. Membership ID
  2. Make sure you have all of the computer requirements for playing the online game. You can find these in the How To page.
  3. Go to the Subscribe page to subscribe. Follow directions there as needed.
  4. Print your NMJL Membership ID, account number, and access code so you can use them to complete this process
  5. Start the game. The first time you start you must enter your NMJL Membership ID, account number, and access code. You may have to enter them again, so store them somewhere safe for use during the season. If you lose or misplace your numbers, there is a service charge to retrieve them.

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The How To page explains how to play the online game. It tells you step by step everything you need to know to play online.


The Play page gets you into the game playing area where you can start a new table, join others at their table, or play a game against robots.


The NEWS page contains information about new features and features that will be available soon. It will also contain information alerting you to dates and times when the game may not be available due to system maintenance.

National Mah Jongg League

The National Mah Jongg League button links you to the National Mah Jongg League, Inc. website.


The Subscribe page allows you to enter a new subscription, renew an existing subscription, and retrieve account information.


The FAQ page contains the most common questions asked and their answers. It answers questions about what to do if you experience problems.


The Support page provides instructions for seeking help. The instructions are very concise and must be followed for us to be able to help you.

Old Website

Lotto land free spins no deposit free. The Old Website button links you to the website used by the old windows only NJML online game.

This is our most popular Mahjongg game, and with good reason. Decide.
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Real Mah Jongg Online
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Mahjong Online With Friends

This is a 3D version of the online Mahjong game, in which the cube can.
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Try to match pairs of tiles by drawing lines between them, working as fast.
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Real Maj

In this game, you are challenged to go one better than your highest score.

Play Mahjong No Downloads

This fun and engaging game takes you to a new dimension. Rotate the cube. – 2018