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Watch some of the highlights from The Pokerfarms live stream high stakes cash game during the 2011 Prague Poker Festival. In this hand Jungleman takes on Phi. Philipp Gruissem (born 30 January 1987) is a German professional poker player from Krefeld.

Action folded to Allan Sannier on the button and the Frenchman opened for 15,000. Adrian Mateos folded his small blind and big blind Philipp Gruissem three-bet to 44,000. Sannier asked how much Gruissem had behind (121,000) and announced all in. Gruissem slid his stack forward in one swift move.

Allan Sannier:
Philipp Gruissem:

Gruissem was the clear favorite to double up but the odds were evened after the flop came .

'Oh my god!' Silver said.

The on the turn was one of the cards Gruissem needed to dodge and so he was down to just a couple of outs to survive. He still had a 9 percent chance of doubling up but the on the river wasn't one of the cards he was looking for. While he rivered a set it was Sannier making a flush and Gruissem departed in 11th place.

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It's bubble time now and action is hand for hand. The player that goes out now will go home empty-handed, surviving the bubble will net the 9 remaining players a minimum of €46,180.


Preflop, with the blinds at 8,000 and 16,000 and a 2,000 ante, Lunkin raised to 32,000 from middle position, and Gruissem called in the big blind. On the flop Gruissem checked, Lunkin bet 35,000, and Gruissem called. On the turn Gruissem bet 60,000, and Lunkin called. On the river Gruissem bet 110,000, Lunkin went all-in, and Gruissem called and was all-in.

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Philipp gruissem

Gruissem defended his blind with attractive suited connectors, and caught an interesting flop which gave him middle pair and a gutshot straight draw. Lunkin wasn’t inclined to offer any free cards with his set, as it was potentially vulnerable to the straight and flush draws on board. Gruissem saw his hand improve to two-pair on the turn, but it also functioned as a scare card for both players as it was a make card for both the straight and flush draws. With no club in his hand and his straight draw now a chop at best, Gruissem led out with a modest bet, charging any four flushes for a look at the river. Lunkin was well aware the turn was no blank, so he simply flat called hoping for a board-pair to eradicate the fear of flushes or straights. Gruissem was completely cooled on the river as he made a smaller boat, and he showed Lunkin a great deal of respect as he tanked after Lunkin raised him all-in. Gruissem apologized during the tank for the possible slow-roll, but he discovered his paranoia was justified when he eventually called and discovered Lunkin had him beat.

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