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Roulette Game is quite exciting with high bets and fun-filled gameplay. The aim here is to assume the numbered slot on which the ball rests. However, players might not always find it easy to earn a profit with the most exciting and fun roulette game. It is important to be realistic when you try your luck spinning the roulette wheel. Whatever the game odds can be, you can use simple strategies to enjoy the maximum with roulette game and earn big. Here are the basics that explain to you how to play roulette to be able to beat the odds when playing roulette online.

Knowing how to maximize the winnings is highly important when indulging in the roulette game. You can play online roulette for free to become familiar with the game. It is necessary that you know about the rules and principles of the roulette game before spinning the roulette wheel. Whether you go with the European, French or American roulette wheel, you should ensure you know the game aspects and terms well.

You can access European roulette free online, or for real money, on your device via apps or in-browser mobile casinos. However you play, the most important thing is finding a site or app with.

  1. Play European Roulette Online for Real Money. If you’re a keen online roulette player who wants to step up your game, and play online for real money – you can firstly use Planet 7’s Instant Play feature which will allow you to get in plenty practice before hitting the big tables.
  2. Once your chips are down, you can play European roulette online for real money. Click on the Spin button and the European roulette wheel will spin. You can continue to place bets until the computer announces 'no more bets' and the table freezes you out. The ball will come to a rest in one of the roulette wheel pockets.
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  4. Evolution Gaming’s European Roulette is dominating the market, it can be found at every major online casino in the world. Like all other Evolution Gaming’s works, European Roulette also boasts a fine camera coverage it also includes a skilled live dealer who will manage your session professionally.

Common Roulette Game Terminologies

There is no much difference between playing the roulette game offline and online. Online roulette has the same symbols, roulette wheel features and number of times a player can indulge in a game as the offline game. Roulette game is purely a matter of chance, and nothing external can affect it. Different online casinos use Random Number Generator to account for the chance at Roulette Table.

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Here are the common terms you come across when playing roulette online. These basics should help you understand how to play roulette effectively on an online platform.


Play European Roulette Online - FREE & For Real Money ..

The minutes each player gets to stay at any roulette table before moving.

Minimum Wager

According to the rules of the roulette game, a player needs to place a minimum wager to start playing the game. It is the least amount that one needs to have to place a bet.

Table & Wins

The number of winnings a player can have before seizing to play online roulette further. When this number is reached, the player is asked to change the roulette table. In some cases, the player is not allowed to switch because the game history is reflected on the board. At such a time, you can change the online roulette platform to avail higher odds of winning. In case, you don’t have enough funds to spin the roulette wheel at some other platform; you can leave the platform at the time and return back later to play the roulette game. Stick to the game rules to get the best from the game.

Profit Goal


This term means the sum of bets one expects to win a roulette game. Rules suggest that the player has to enter the same numbers on the roulette wheel as they expect to win.

Stop Loss

Online European Roulette Real Money Sites

That is the upper limit of bets a player affords to lose before stopping the game of roulette. Online casino real money no deposit bonus.

European Roulette FREE Online Roulette Strategy To Win Real ..

We hope these terminologies and rules help you understand how to play roulette and win big. Though this is a game of pure luck, you should know the basics to increase your chances of winning.

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