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Roulette is a game of pure chance, however if you want to play roulette then you should learn the following strategies for best game results & game experience. Skip to Main Content OLG.ca. The value of the goods or services to be supplied to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) and/or other casino gaming operators in the province in a 12 month period starting April 1 and ending March 31 of the next year is $750,000 or less,.

  1. Lottery players will be happy to hear that an OLG App is available for OLG Lotto. The OLG Lotto app allows users to purchase lottery tickets straight from their smartphone, tablet or another mobile device. To download the app visit the operator’s website and click on the link provided in the Lottery section.
  2. Roulette is a popular casino game that has generated a few variations. Read about different betting options and the different ways Roulette is played.
Easy to Play – Just Pick Your Numbers

Fun and social – it’s one of the oldest games at the casino. Plus, all that glitz and glamour!

The truth is, there are no strategies to help you play roulette and win all the time. Roulette is a game of pure chance.

A Game of Pure Chance

You can make choices on how to bet and the level of risk and reward you want – but you can’t use skill to influence the outcome of the game. It’s 100% random.

There are 2 things you can do to increase your odds of winning in roulette:

1. Make outside bets with 1:1 payouts to get the best odds.

2. If you can, play the European wheel (see illustration). Notice that it has 36 pockets instead of 37. This means its house edge is only 2.7%. So, the odds are better for you to win, in contrast to the American wheel house edge of 5.26%.

Some players believe in betting with or against the trend to try to increase their chances of winning. For example, if black has hit 7 times you might believe it will hit again – or that red is due to win next, so you bet accordingly. In other words, you’re using past information to guide future bets.

But in reality, a past spin won’t influence the outcome of a future spin. It doesn’t matter that black has hit 7 times in a row. The odds of black or red hitting next will always remain equal because the outcome is completely random. So you can’t get an edge by betting on past numbers or trends.


You can’t predict which trends or streaks will happen and when trends will end. Roulette is 100% random. So betting with or against the trends isn’t a winning strategy.

Use the Number Display Board for Fun

It is now common to see an electronic screen called a tote board that highlights past winning numbers. This board acts as a record and is used by some to place bets based on “streaks/trends”.

And sure, while betting on past numbers can add some fun to the game, like we’ve been saying, it isn’t a winning strategy.

Some players base their play on betting systems like the Martingale system, where you double your bets after each loss. But we wouldn’t recommend it because you end up betting your play budget much faster than you would otherwise, and without any guarantee of winning back your losses.


There’s no dream system out there that can make you a frequent winner at roulette. Steer clear of “roulette pros” selling “the secret to winning roulette” betting systems for only 20 bucks a pop.

Play Lucky Numbers for Fun

Betting on birthday, wedding or any other favourite or lucky numbers is part of the fun of playing roulette. Just know that playing these meaningful numbers doesn’t improve your odds.

Roulette is fast paced so you can end up spending your play budget faster than expected. Here are a few ways you may be able to extend your play budget, game play time and your fun:

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Olg Roulette

Start small:

Stick to outside even-money bets (1:1) and play at tables with the lowest round and chip minimums. This will help you make your budget last longer. If you have a $100 budget, you don’t want to bet $25 per spin or you’ll be out of the game rather quickly.

Make fewer bets:

If you make too many bets, you will deplete your play budget faster. When you make fewer bets, you can extend your fun and play more rounds.

Take breaks:

Sometimes it’s just as fun to watch.You may pace things out by alternating between watching and playing.


Old Roulette Wheel

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is one of the biggest gaming providers in Canada. As such, it has a responsibility to the general public to promote responsible and safe gambling among its players. Along with the OLG’s modernization players, which will expand the market, the corporation has also made plans to expand its responsible gambling efforts. Paul Pellizzari of the OLG has recently written a letter to The Nugget outlining these plans.

“The majority of our customers are educated, middle to high-income earners who play responsibly,” says Pellizzari. “But we realize there are risks associated with gambling and we deal with them head-on”.

Currently, the OLG donates $40 million to responsible gambling programs across the province. Programs are aimed at problem gambling prevention and treatment, as well as focusing on problem gambling research. The OLG also hosts one of the most successful self-exclusion programs out there today, using facial recognition technology to keep problem gamblers from squandering their income and savings.

Old Roulette

Over half of this money is spent on providing free problem gambling counselling at over 50 locations across Ontario. 7200 trained counsellors are employed by the OLG, readily available to offer assistance to problem gamblers in need.

The OLG also has a responsibility to other programs that are aimed at benefitting the local public. $2 billion is spent on health and education, providing much-needed funding to valuable services that Ontario residents truly require.

Old Roulette Wheel

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