The MasterCard credit card has been restored as a reliable funding source for USA players. Along with Visa, they are now the most widely used option for depositing funds into online casino accounts. Enhanced security and improved payment processing have made traditional credit cards a viable payment solution once again, and MasterCard casinos a more viable option. With the exit of all e-wallet options from the USA market, credit cards play a more important role in the industry than ever. However, for those who would like to utilize the prepaid MasterCard casino deposit option, though the variances in processes and availability may cause some challenges, we have cleverly found some work around options that may be useful to you. So consider the following information applicable to both pre paid Master Card as well as the regular bank issued Master-Card credit card.

Pre-paid MC can be purchased at most drug stores, convenience stores, and Walmart stores. To purchase one, you must use cash. It is the only payment option for purchasing one of these cards. Due to the fact that non-USA players should not have any issues in using a pre-paid Master Card, and will not require a work around of any type, we have broken the instructions into two separate sections. One for players seeking USA friendly payment solutions, and one for non-USA players. Each set of instructions will walk you through the process in its entirety, and will help you in getting your casino account funded without any unexpected problems or issues popping up. Using the following procedures to fund your account at your favorite Casinos Accepting Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards will ensure that you are able to get your game on in no time.

Instructions For Depositing Into Online Casinos Using The Pre Paid Master Card Option For USA Players.

1. Choose an online casino that offers Pre paid Master-card as one of their deposit method options. They might not advertise this on their website so continue the next step.

MasterCard online casino payment is reasonably one of the most popular methods of your casino’s account funding due to its guaranteed safety and transparency. MasterCard uses a highly reliable encryption technology that allows all your credit card casino online payments to be totally secured. Visa and MasterCard are two of the biggest credit and debit card companies in the world, with a massive presence around the world. In fact, for many gamblers, Visa and MasterCard is the most convenient banking method available to them. Players using Visa and MasterCard will be able to make deposits and withdrawals from top casino sites. With the M life Rewards MasterCard, you can turn everyday purchases into elevated experiences by earning M life Rewards Points that can be redeemed for FREEPLAY, and Express Comps for use on rooms, dining and entertainment.

2. Contact the online casino to obtain contact information for one of their partners at which you may purchase an International Virtual Pre-paid Card using your Pre paid MC.

  1. Players on the online casino can choose from Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and now Neteller. MasterCard As a critical link among financial institutions and millions of businesses, cardholders, and merchants worldwide, MasterCard provides services in more than 210 countries and territories.
  2. How To Deposit Money Into Casino Using MasterCard When everything else is said and done, all there is left is to browse through the British Columbia casinos list to see what online casino accepts MasterCard and choose from those alternatives. Once that happens, a personal profile on that online casino needs to be created.

3. Go to the website that the casino referred you to.

4. Obtain the International Virtual Card by following the instructions for purchasing on the partner site. It is a very quick and simple process in which you use your Pre paid Master Card Card to complete.

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5. You will then receive a series of confirmation emails pertaining to the card you purchased, with the last email containing your virtual confirmation number.

6. On the cashier page of casino you have elected to play at, select the pre-paid gift card option as your funding method, and enter the confirmation number and the amount you want to deposit from your Virtual Card purchase into the information fields.

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7. Your casino account will receive funds immediately. $50 free casino bonus.

8. You are not required to use the entire amount of the Pre paid Master Card when purchasing the Virtual Card. There is a minimum purchase, typically around $20-$25, however other than a minimum purchase requirement, the amount you put on the Virtual Card is up to you.

Instructions for using your Pre-paid Master-Card - non-USA Players

1. Choose an online casino to play at that accepts this option from the list below.

2. Visit the cashier page of the casino.

3. Select Master Card as your funding option in the casino cashier. Most casinos that accept these cards will have a little box for you to check when you are entering your information that flags the card as a gift card.

4. Complete the funding process using the instructions and prompts provided.

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5. Your account will immediately receive the funds.

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You will find that there are a lot of chances for you to play at a MasterCard casino on the internet if you are concerned about being able to make payments into your account in order to get credits in the first place, so there is no need to worry about that at all. You will find that you can really get stuck in at a lot of online casinos, as they focus on allowing MasterCard as one of the safest and most dependable methods of making a deposit that you will ever be able to use on the internet.

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One thing that you can say for sure about a MasterCard casino is that they know what they are doing, because you can really rely on them to provide options which are convenient for you as the player rather than just concentrating on their own needs and trying to get money out of you. This really is a great sign, and you can be sure that any casino which uses MasterCard as a deposit option can also be relied upon to treat their players fairly and to provide the best experience throughout all of the casino games which they offer, because it is a real mark of class. The way that you can make a deposit with your MasterCard at most casinos will be to follow a certain process, which though it may differ from place to place will have some important key points which do not change. First of all you will have to have your own account with the casino, and when you sign up it is important to use your real and full name so that there will be no problems with authorising the payment to your account later on. Then you can go to the deposit area and choose MasterCard as your method, at which point you will be taken to another page so that you can verify that you have permission to use the card and enter your details to prove your identity. At this point you can finalise everything and send the payment through, but you should be aware that in some cases you will be flagged up and asked to prove your identity to the casino through another method, in order to be sure that you are not using someone else’s card. Rather than being suspicious of you in particular, this is actually good practice and helps to prevent fraud on a wide scale for a lot of casinos!

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The checks that a MasterCard casino may put into place might include having to scan in and then email over proof of your identity such as a driving license, ID card, or house bill, and you may also have the option to fax copies of such documents over. Once they are satisfied that you are who you say you are and that you have permission to use the card, you should be able to then carry on with no issues at all in the future. – 2018