The Oppressor MK 2 is so much fun in GTA Online that it's practically a mandatory purchase - a rocket-powered motorbike that allows you to fly effortlessly across Los Santos, equipped with various. That being said, the Oppressor is just one of the powerful tools in a GTA Online player’s kit. There are orbital bombardments, jets and helicopters, tanks, and other tools that hooligans will.

One GTA Online fan has discovered a creative new trick to counter irritating MKII Oppressor trolls with the help of the brand new Toreador vehicle.


There are several different tools and vehicles that you can use to cause mass mayhem when playing GTA Online. The MKII Oppressor, also known as the ‘boom stick’ by some GTA players, is a flying bike that gives players an aerial advantage.

The Benefactor Terrorbyte and the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II hit the town tomorrow, courtesy of Warstock Cache and Carry. The Terrorbyte is a fully rigged command unit, custom built by Lester’s trusted hacker contact Paige, and can handle the operations. How To Upgrade Oppressor MK2 GTA 5 - How To Get Missiles On The Oppressor MK2 GTA V. This is a tutorial showing how to apply the Explosive Machine guns.

However, they can also be a major source of annoyance as players will use them to repeatedly kill you or destroy your personal vehicles. You’ll often find yourself entering “Passive mode” just to get them off your back.

Luckily, one GTA Online player has discovered a neat little trick that you can use to counter trolls who attack you above, and it involves attacking your opponent with the Toreador.

Gta 5 Mk2 Oppressor

GTA Online Oppressor MK2 trick

Many GTA Online players have come up with different strategies for countering Oppressor MK2 attacks. These methods include using the Mobile Operations Centre truck cab and Nightshark to catch their missiles.

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Other strategies have you use a more offensive approach and one player has found a new way to do just that. Reddit user NinjaDragon177 was using their Toreador in a battle against an Oppressor troll and found themselves trapped.

The Redditor waited until their enemy stopped firing missiles before retaliating. They drove off a pile of dirt and flipped upside down before firing their own missiles to take out the Oppressor. The player then landed on the ground in a satisfying way.

This highlight gained a lot of popularity, with many of the commenters praising the Redditor for this creative kill. One of them even called the player an “Ex-Rocket leaguer.”

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Gta Online Oppressor Mk2 Controls

The MK2 has been a major source of annoyance for GTA Online players, since trolls ruin the game for others, and one commenter even suggested that Rockstar Games should add the option to remove them from a session altogether.

You can also recreate this maneuver if you own a Toreador, but purchasing one will set you back about $3,660,000. It’s not the cheapest option, but the trick does look cool so it’s definitely worth the investment.

Image Credits: Rockstar Games/Imgur: DiletantLas vegas slot win.

Gta Online Oppressor Mk2 Price

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