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In Yahtzee (also known as Poker Dice, Yacht, Generala), the goal is to score more points than your opponents. Each turn, you roll dice and then score one row on your scoresheet.

Play Yahtzee online with up to 5 friends on other devices for free. No sign-in or download required.

How to get started

Triple yahtzee is also a very popular variant of the free Yatzy dice game. The game is played using the same turn rules as regular yatzy, in that each turn consists of three rolls, but the scoring is. Play Yahtzee Dice Game online, free. No download required. Play against computer or another player. JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 based game. Responsive layout. Play online dice games like Yahtzee, Pig, Farkle, Balut, Snakes and Ladders, Generala for free. Final fantasy online. Play online domino games. No download required. Play against computer or another player. Yahtzee Dice Game: Play Free Online Yahtzee. Synopsis: Play our fun and easy free online yahtzee game with instructions and no download needed loads of fun for all the family. Author: Disabled World Contact: Disabled World ( Published: 2012-01-01 Updated: 2021-01-27.

Yahtzee is multiplayer! You can play by yourself, or with up to five of your friends. To get started, enter a name for yourself (ex: 'yahtzee-player-100') and a room name. The room name can be anything you like (ex: 'Joan's room' 1). If you're playing with others, they can join your game by using the same room name.

Once you select Play Yahtzee, you'll see the scoresheet and an option to Start Game. Be sure all other players have joined before you start the game. They will not be able to join after you start the game.

A typical turn
First, you roll your dice, by pressing the Roll button. Based on what you rolled, you can score one row on your scoresheet, based on the following rules:

OnesSum all the ones that you've rolled
TwosSum all the twos that you've rolled
ThreesSum all the threes that you've rolled
FoursSum all the fours that you've rolled
FivesSum all the fives that you've rolled
SixesSum all the sixes that you've rolled
Three of a kindIf you have three of a kind, sum all your dice
Four of a kindIf you have four of a kind, sum all your dice
Full houseThree of a kind and two of a different kind (ex: 3,3,3,2,)
Small straightFour in a row (ex: 1,2,3,4)
Large straightFive in a row (ex: 2,3,4,5,6)
YahtzeeFive of a kind - at least 50. See below for more details
ChanceSum all your dice

To score a row, simply tap or click on the corresponding row in the scoresheet under your player's column. Once you've scored a particular row, your turn ends. You can only score a row once per game - so choose wisely!

If you don’t like what you've rolled, don't worry - you have a total of three rolls every turn. Before your next roll, you may choose to keep dice by clicking or tapping on them. This will prevent those dice from being rolled. For example, if you've rolled 6,6,6,1,2 on your first roll, you may want to keep your sixes and roll for a four of a kind or Yahtzee.

The game continues until all players have filled out all rows, at which point the person with the most points wins.

You now know how to play Yahtzee! But there's a few more special rules you may want to learn:

The bonus
The top section is the first six rows - ones, twos, threes, fours, fives and sixes. If the sum of your score in the top section is greater than or equal to 63, you automatically get 35 bonus points. Spectacular!

Multiple Yahtzees
Your first Yahtzee is worth 50 points if you score it in the Yahtzee row. If you roll an additional Yahtzee, and you've already scored your Yahtzee, you:

  • Automatically get 100 bonus points 😲
  • You can use the additional Yahtzee as a joker or wild card. If you haven't scored the corresponding number in the top section, you must score it there - for example, if you've rolled five sixes, and you haven't scored your Sixes, you can score it there. If you've already scored the corresponding number in the top section, you can score it anywhere you like on the bottom.

If you roll a Yahtzee and you've already entered a 0 on your Yahtzee row, you may still use it as a wild card.

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Why play yahtzee at is a very popular online yahtzee game community, founded in September 2006 by three administrators, Kal, inqov and Mary. I am very happy to be able to say that our small community has become a daily hangout for many people who enjoy yahtzee. The games here are free and always will be, although we do have a dice shop containing different coloured dice and animated dice to brighten up your gaming experience.

Our major goal was to create a games site that focuses on playing games and having fun and to create an atmosphere where people chat whilst playing.

Our games website is entirely browser-based so there is no download required. The site has various forms of multiplayer or solo yahtzee games: painted/rainbow, triple, regular yahtzee and many other rule sets that were devised by the players, which leads me to the next point. This is more than just a games website, this is a real community where people spend a lot of time chatting and having fun during their games. Some play just for fun, to chat, others are more competitive and enter some of our daily automated tournaments. was actually founded back in 2006 as a challenge: 'can you make a place where we can play a game where there are no cheaters, no power gamers or abusive people?' Since then, more than 80,000 players have registered over the years and enjoyed playing yahtzee with their friends, families and new acquaintances.

Why not take a peek inside our site and register now for free, to get started and start playing yahtzee today with some great people?

We also welcome players searching for other variants: yazi, yahtzi, yahtze, yazy, yachtzy, yachtzi, yachtzee, yatzee, yhatzee, yahtzy :) gratis spielen kniffel, jouer jam en ligne gratuis, balut

Is Yahtzee a game of blind chance?

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Some people suggest that there is no skill in the game of Yahtzee. It is true that the game has a huge element of luck, it is not only luck, there is also a lot of decision-making that goes on. I like to think of it as a game of luck management. It is really up to the player to make the right choices at the right times to maximise his or her chance of either scoring as many points as possible or of winning the game. And even then, there is a difference between strategies. The types of decisions made to give yourself the chance of the highest possible score for a single game are very different to the kinds of decisions you will make to try to get the best average score. I remember playing a tournament game where I was losing by over one hundred points with two turns left, but I had yahtzee and high straight open. With a low straight already on the table, I ignored it and went for a yahtzee as it was my only hope to win the game. A ridiculous decision, but I did manage to score two yahtzees, 140 points and won the game! So, for me, yahtzee is a game of luck management and decision-making. Of course, there are times when the dice decide you will lose the game and those times can be very frustrating and that's when it is good to enjoy chatting with your opponents!

Dice brings people together

Over the years so many people have formed strong friendships through our website. There have been cases of people here at enjoying each other's conversation and sense of humour so much that eventually they have met, sometimes individually and sometimes in groups. I am very happy that a simple games site can bring people together sometimes. In at least one case, it led to marriage!

Many other times, people tend to play yahtzee with their family or friends from a distance, just as a nice, fun activity to do together whilst chatting online.

It is probably no coincidence, that the founder of the game, formerly called The Yacht Game, originally invented the rules so that he and his family would have something to do whilst at sea, on their yacht. It is also no coincidence that some 40-50 years later, his game is still very popular as a social activity and brings people together, either for the first time, or to keep people together.

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