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The edge of the house in this game is very low. If you bet on the player, the edge of the house is about. 1.36%, and if you bet the banker, the edge of the house is 1.17%. It compares to betting red or black on the roulette or 'passing' and 'not passing' betting.

Powered by a hi-tech, fully-automated Roulette wheel, players can rest assured that they are playing with the real deal, even if the dealer isn’t there. For our studio partners, having the option of an Auto-Roulette tables reduces HR costs by allowing you to increase the number of players without adding dealers or other personnel.

  • Ezugi’s software ensures there is always room at whatever table you wish to join. Once in, their user interfaces are easy to use and intuitive in nature. Players can conveniently pick stakes which suit their betting style when playing Ezugi live casino games for real money. Ezugi table games are designed is to have the most fun as possible.
  • In Ezugi OTT Roulette, punters are given a distinct experience like no other. It gives gamers the opportunity of experiencing high-class casinos like Porrmasco Casino from home. This is possible via easy incorporation of streaming tech and fantastic land-based casinos. The 2 bodies work hand in hand to provide amazing OTT roulette games.

The casino always tries to give baccarat a glamour aura. The play area was eliminated, distinguishing it from the rest of the casino, and the dealers wore tuxedos with an elegant and unique atmosphere - all in order to attract high-volume players who could bet more than the average player. This game is a serious thing for the casino, usually to make money.

The quality of games being churned out by Ezugi has continued to improve since it wasacquired by Evolution gaming in 2019.

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The Live Jackpot Roulette was released aroundsummer 2020 and operated based on a progressive jackpot. This game is stemmedfrom the partnership they entered with Blue Ribbon interactive, an expert injackpot games.

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The Live Jackpot Roulette works following thephilosophy of Ezugi that seeks to offer customizable services. The individual online casino operators canmake changes to the way the progressive jackpot operates.

Every mobile casino player dreams of winning a jackpot someday. Ezugi uses the standard European roulette table and wheel, which only has a single zero pocket.

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How it is Played


To play the Live Jackpot Roulette from Ezugi, paya visit to any of the websites of any of the casino partners, create an accountand search for the game. Apart from the name, Live Jackpot Roulette, it mayalso be listed by the name Clubhouse Roulette on some casinos. If you see thejackpot there, know that you are in the right place.

You will be ushered into a room where you willsee a live dealer sitting beside the wheel of the roulette game. Also, you willsee a betting layout somewhere below your screen, and you will be required toinput your bet into it within the next 15 seconds. There is also a reset buttonthat you can keep using to place further bets, especially if you do not plan tochange anything variable.

Player Views

This game offers two views to the players. Thefirst shows the full image of the wheel and the croupier, while the secondshows the same action that is taking place on the wheel. It gives you a clearview of the ball as it is rolling into any of the pockets. A small portion ofthe bets is earmarked for payment of jackpots, but the conditions aredetermined by the individual casino operators.

The bets available for play on this game are the same as whatyou have in regular roulette,including red or black, even or odd, and numbers 1-18 and 19-36. All these givea reward of 1x. The Dozen or column bets give a reward of 2x, and the line betsgive a 5x. Also the corner bets give 8x, street bet gives a tremendous 11x reward, thesplit bet pays 17x, and the biggest of all is the straight-up bet, which givesa 35x reward on the staked amount.

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Why You Should Play Live Jackpot Roulette

  • The live dealersare well-trained professionals who have a good command of English and a calmdemeanor.
  • The displayquality is crisp, with two HD camera angles.
  • The game saves arecord of your betting history, which allows you to go back and review them atany time.
  • The progressivejackpot presents a unique opportunity to players and sets them on a thrillingadventure.
  • The game iscompatible with mobile phones, tablets, and PC devices.

Ezugi Speed Roulette

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