• Tom “durrrr” Dwan, a top online pro on Full Tilt Poker at the time, challenged anyone and everyone to a heads-up contest in 2009. The first to accept the challenge was Finnish poker superstar.
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Durrrr was a gangster online pre-Black Friday 4/15/2011 & was a gangster in the television high stakes shows, and many of us can years later recall exact action in hands he was in: polar opposite.

Today there's been some wild heads up PLO $500/$1,000 action between the high stakes giants Tom 'durrrr' Dwan and Illari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies. In the end durrrr was too tired to keep playing and wanted to leave. After failing to get him to stay Ziigmund offered to flip for the money he had left at the table.

Today there's been some wild heads up PLO $500/$1,000 action between the high stakes giants Tom 'durrrr' Dwan and Illari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies. In the end durrrr was too tired to keep playing and wanted to leave. After failing to get him to stay Ziigmund offered to flip for the money he had left at the table.

There was so much good action at the Full Tilt Poker high stakes tables that durrrr and Patrik Antonius never continued on their challenge. So we'll probably have to wait another day or two for the match to start again. But the railbirds weren't disappointed.


Ziigmund and durrrr played an epic PLO $500-$1,000 heads up match several pots of $300 k or more, the largest pot being over $500k. At this time the action had become really fast and furious. The hand was four bet pre flop and the rest of the money went in on the flop (6c-Qh-9s). Durrrr flopped top set (Tc-Qs-Qc-8s) and Ziigmund had a wrap straight draw (Th-8c-9d-Jc). A seven on the turn gave both players the same straight, but another seven on the river gave durrrr a full house and $506,878.

Durrrr was probably up about half a million dollars when he told Ziigmund that he was too tired to keep playing. Failing to convince him of staying Ziigmund offered a$660 k coin flip that durrrr (understandably?) turned down.

Tom Dwan Now

Ziigmund: tilt
durrrr: im dead tired
Dealer: durrrr has timed out
durrrr: sry =(
Ziigmund: me not
durrrr: i tried to stay a while
durrrr: haha id guess that much
durrrr: we can play tomorrow obv
Ziigmund: cmon
Ziigmund: give me 30min
Ziigmund: then im fine
durrrr: i alrdy gave u 2hrs bud sry
durrrr: 2hrs more
Ziigmund: 20min
Ziigmund: and thats it
durrrr: if u find someone to bring me coffee
durrrr: id stay 1more hour
durrrr: but my roomies are asleep
durrrr: and no room service
Ziigmund: wait i call to cole south
durrrr: sick tilt
durrrr: lol
durrrr: hes in virginia
durrrr: wont get here in time unless he drives rly fast
Ziigmund: what about mr Raptor
durrrr: texas
durrrr: im in boston
Ziigmund: pumppu?
Ziigmund: lets flip last money then
Ziigmund: 660k flip
durrrr: lol i jus xfered u
durrrr: def dont wanna flip
durrrr: + im on dswing
durrrr: =(
durrrr: sry
durrrr: neway gg play tomorrow
Ziigmund: then we have to play 15min
Ziigmund: and im gladf

After that both players left the table. Hopefully the action will continue at Full Tilt tomorrow.

Could the long dormant Durrrr Challenge resume this year?

Dan “jungleman” Cates sure hopes so, as he was up about $1.2 million against Tom “durrrr” Dwan when the challenge slowed to a snail’s pace and was later put on ice several years ago. Only about 40 percent of the required 50,000 hands have been played.

The game was $200-$400 no-limit hold’em.

About six years ago, Dwan offered the high-stakes community a chance to play him in a heads-up contest in which the winner would earn a bonus. Dwan would win an extra $500,000 if he finished up by at least $1. If Dwan ended in the hole, he would fork over $1.5 million to his opponent. Johnslots.

The challenge was endorsed by Full Tilt Poker and held on the site.

Last month, the Durrrr Challenge was back in the news after Doug Polk, another top heads-up no-limit hold’em pro, called the contest “one of the most massive scams in poker history.”

“I totally understand where [Doug] is coming from,” Cates told Card Player. However, the Maryland native is still confident that there will be an amicable conclusion to the match.

“I’m not happy how it has gone, but I am trying to resolve things with Tom,” Cates said. “[Dwan] has been somewhat cooperative. He’s been in a bit of trouble and I guess gambled beyond his means or something. He’s been busy with some pretty big stuff lately. I hope that we get it resolved this year. I don’t think it was a scam or ever intended on being one.”

Dwan hasn’t cashed in a major tournament since 2014. In late 2013, Dwan said that he had suffered his worst poker session ever, and there was rumor that it was to the tune of about $4 million. According to online poker tracking site HighstakesDB, Dwan hasn’t played a hand of high stakes poker over the internet since around that time.

Late 2013 was also the last time Cates and Dwan played a session.

Cates said last year that Dwan had lost a live poker hand worth more than $20 million, though it’s not certain if the pot was from the day Dwan had his “biggest loss ever.”

Dur Burger

According to Cates, the aftermath of online poker’s Black Friday in April 2011 has also played a role in the challenge going inactive, but he doesn’t think it’s a good reason.

“I do think the challenge should be completed by now,” he said.

“I’m working with Tom to either finish it this year or get a bunch of hands done this year, or just have it resolved this year. He’s still agreeing to pay me some penalties, and I guess if he doesn’t want to do that he’ll have to forfeit or something like that.”

Last week, Dwan tweeted for the first time since May 2015, though it wasn’t about the Durrrr Challenge. Dwan said that it seems people have been impersonating him on Facebook.

Dur Poker

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