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Dragon City is an online adventure like none other.

While most games center around fighting and survival, Dragon City is so much more than that.

In Dragon City, we get to build our habitats, breed and raise dragons, teach them how to fight, and ultimately bath in the glory of their victory in combat.

I know for me; I feel like a proud father standing on the sidelines watching my offspring do me proud on the battlefield.
You can probably tell that I spend a lot of time on Dragon City- who doesn’t? You also know if you are not careful, in-game spending can get out of hand.

Before we go there, let’s talk a bit about Dragon City Gems!

The same way money makes the world go around, so do Dragon City Gems in Dragon City. You literally cannot do anything extra without spending Gems.

That aside, there are instances when you must have Gems to push forward. These include:

  • Breeding
  • Building an incubator

Of course, if you have Gems to spare, you can use them for other things like Speeding Up, Levelling Up, Stacking Food, and acquiring Gold Coins etc.


  • 3 Other Ways to Earn Free Dragon City Gems

How to Get Free Gems Using Dragon City Hack Generator

We love that you came to us for this dilemma.

Not very long ago, we were in the same position you are in. We wanted to play Dragon City freely and without the hassle of buying Gems.

So, are there any free gems to be had?

A big YES!

Our Free Dragon City Hack Generator, to be precise!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Give it a minute.

Introducing Our Free Dragon City Hack Generator – No Survey / No Verification!

We have opened up our Free Dragon City hack Generator to the public! All there is to do is click the button below.

After months of research and coding, our Generator capable of producing Unlimited Gems is ready and available.

Initially, we thought of keeping it to ourselves. We were having too much fun buying absolutely anything we want on Dragon City for free!

But sharing is caring.

We want you to experience the same freedom and fun!

Our Generator is simple to use.

You will not be asked for Human Verification’s or to Download any Apps or Games.

All you will need to do is follow a few steps, including specifying the number of Dragon City Gems you want to generate. Then wait for your code to make.

You can use our generator as many times as you want. Also, tell your friends and family to use it too so we can share the joy of Unlimited Gems!

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In the rare instance that you get a code that doesn’t work, again, do not panic. Our generator occasionally overlaps laws because it is accessed by many gamers simultaneously. The solution is simple: go ahead and generate a new code.

It is possible that Our Generators offering Unlimited Free Gems is not your cup of tea. Not to worry.

There are other ways to acquire Free Gems by merely playing the game. We will also explore other avenues to earn Free Gems by using third-party websites.


Other Ways to Earn Free Dragon City Gems

Here is our list of the top ways to earn Free Dragon City Gems by playing the game.

Method 1: Leveling-Up

Every time you Level Up, you earn a Free Gem.

Ardent gamers know what levelling up means for your dragons. They will produce more Gold for you, and as a player, you will unlock more features of the game.

Although the reward is no much, this is the most basic way to earn Free Gems.

Method 2: Complete Dragon City Goal Quests

Specific goals in Dragon City award you with Gems for completing them.

Granted, not every time or every goal you complete will reward you with Gems.

But advanced Dragon City Quests usually do; for instance, breeding hybrid dragons, upgrading your habitat, or nurturing a dragon to level 10.

You will receive a handful of Gems for completing these quests. Among other rewards, you may receive Orbs, Gold, and Food.

Method 3: Take Part in PVP or Combat

Dragon City hosts tons of Dragon Leagues and Combat Battles. If you participate and win these battles, your reward is Free Gems.

You get 3-6 Free Gems for fighting and winning against eight opponents.

Method 4: Complete the Book of Dragons

Dragon City encourages players to collect and complete an entire book of dragons for Gem Rewards.

This is mostly done by acquiring each dragon shown in the book to complete the collection.

But before you can get to the books, you have to complete a few quests. In essence, these Dragon Collection Books are rewarded for

completing quests including breeding and feeding.

Each book has 3-16 Dragons depending on your level. The rewards are 2-18 Gems concerning the type of dragon inside.

Cumulatively, there are around 255 Dragons in the entire collection. There sure are a lot of Free Gems to be earned from this!

Method 5: Signing-In Everyday

Dragon City Online Generator

In the spirit of encouraging you to play Dragon City every day, you are rewarded for a streak of daily log-ins.

Dragon City daily sign-in rewards kick in after five days of consecutive logins.

Often the rewards for logging-in are Gold Coins, but once in a while, you will receive Free Gems for being a loyal gamer.

Method 6: Facebook Monday Reward

Dragon City gladly rewards their players for not only playing but subscribing to their social media platforms.

Facebook Monday Reward, in particular, is a gamble-like reward system for PC Dragon City gamers.

Each Monday they get to choose one in 3 buttons.

You may end up with 5 Gems, 2500 Gold Coins, or an Elementary Dragon as your rewards.

Method 7: Dragon City Deus Challenge

The Deus challenge is similar to the Monday Reward in the way it operates.

The only differences are that Deus presents you with nine choices, and they are cards, not buttons.

Click on any of the cards to reveal your reward for the day. The best part about the Deus challenge is the mega reward is 50 Gems!

Cards are reshuffled every 24 hours, so keep trying your luck.

Method 8: Touch the Jeweler’s Tower

The Jeweler’s tower is just a fun little addition to the intricacies of Dragon City.

It unlocks at Level 12 and goes on to award you 1 Gem every day. All you have to do is touch it.

Method 9: Win Tournaments

Dragon City dedicates a significant portion of their Free Gems to victories. And of course, there are loads of combat and tournaments you can take up.

For every tournament you win, you will receive 2 Free Gems. But as per Dragon City rules, you can only fight in 2 matches per day.

So, suppose you can speed up your cooling period and fight in more tournaments, this is a butch way to earn Free Gems and tons of XP.

If you won all of your tournaments, you would have a new 28 Free Gems by the end of the week!

Method 10: Free Gem Gifts

We’re all about sharing and caring. This rings true to Dragon City as well.

Fairly recently, Dragon City enabled a feature that allows players to share Gems as Gifts. You can receive or send fellow gamers Gems as Gifts.

This is a great way to keep the Dragon City platform social as well as to spread those elusive gems around.

Thus far, these are our topmost ways to earn Free Gems as you enjoy Dragon City.

And, again, we offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn Unlimited Gems using our revolutionary Dragon City hack Generator.

Are Generators Real?


There are Dragon City Hack Generator that are 100% LEGIT and SAFE to use.

For instance, US!

However, I wouldn’t be effectively answering this question if I didn’t highlight the Sinister Side of Hack Generators in the market.

Now, we all know the internet has a dark underbelly. You have to be careful not to be duped or cat-fished by a sweet offer.

Dragon City Online Play

There are very many “Generators” on the internet that are FAKE. They will reel you in with a sweet deal then steal your personal information.

Not to mention, the likelihood that your Dragon City account will be permanently banned for using fake codes!

The wussier ones will stick you in an endless cycle of downloads and human verifications.

Dragon City Online Pc

Well, you need to keep an eye out.

Only use generators from trusted sources, LIKE OURSELVES.

Final Words

Dragon City was created to be enjoyed. We want you to have as much fun as we do in there. So, feel at home using our Free Dragon City hacks Generator for Unlimited Gems all day every day.

Dragon City Download Pc

We love to hear your opinions and experiences. Feel free to share them in our comment section below.

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