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A player in poker that either announces their actions or physically plays before their turn (checks, folds etc). Sometimes players act out of turn intentionally to get a read out of other players. When done intentionally, this is often referred to as 'angle shooting.' Cutoff What Does It Mean in Poker? The position directly counterclockwise of the dealer button is the cutoff (CO). If the dealer folds, the cutoff becomes the de facto button and is.

What is the Cutoff in Poker?

The cutoff in poker is the person sitting immediately to the right of the dealer button. It is a great position to play from as you are often the last person to act. At worst, there will be one player behind you post flop. There is not much strategy available about how to play the cutoff seat well. This article will detail all the information you need to know about cutoff poker.

Stealing the Button

This expression is coined from effectively taking the initiative and stealing the blinds from the cutoff seat. Some people get very proud about “their button” and will get annoyed if you raise liberally and regularly from the cutoff. Who cares though? If they want to react and start 3 betting, you can choose whether to 4 bet or just tighten back up.

More Believable Bluffs

The great thing about being active from the cutoff position is the believability. Player’s don’t view the cutoff with quite the same disdain as they do button raises. This makes it easier to get steals through, continuation betting has higher success rates and you represent more credible hands. Who would have thought that one extra seat makes the difference? The vast majority of poker education is focused on playing your button that it put the cutoff poker position to one side.

3 Betting from the Cutoff

Another great thing about playing from here is the 3 bet strategy you can employ. If you are to the left of a serial raiser, you know you only have 3 random hands behind you. This makes a 3 bet an effective strategy against someone raising liberally from the hijack. You also get more respect 3 betting from the cutoff than you do from the button. I actually think in 2020, the cutoff could arguably be more profitable than the button in many games.

Isolating Limpers is Easy

Raising over limpers aka iso-raising is a great thing to do from the cutoff poker position. Once the dealer button folds, you have position on the limpers and can pick up a lot of pots post flop. I’ve explained before why limping is bad and isolating limpers from cutoff is one way you can get abused for limping.

Beginner Texas Holdem Question

Why is it Called the Cutoff?


365 sports betting. It is called the cutoff because if everyone folds to you, you can choose to “cut off” the buttons favourable position with an open raise.

Final Thoughts

The cutoff poker position is a beautiful place to play poker from. You’re almost always the last person to act post flop, get more respect and can attack weaker players easier. Of the 9 seats at the table, this is mathematically the second-best position to be in. But in 2021 with little respect for button raises, if might actually overtake the button and be the best.

Cutoff Position - The seat to the right of the dealer button.Cutoff
The cutoff position is the seat immediately to the right of the dealer button in a flop or draw game. If you are going to play a hand from this position, it is usually a good idea to raise. Doing this will represent strength, and increase your chances of getting the button to fold. This is desirable, because if the button folds, you will have last action for the remainder of the hand (after the flop) and be the de facto button.

Hijack Cutoff Poker

The cutoff position has a strong tactical advantage over most other positions. In terms of quality of position, it is second only to the dealer button, which is the premier position in a flop or draw game. This means that you can expand your preflop hand selection, and steal blinds more aggressively from the cutoff position than you would from earlier positions. But you should also be aware that if you raise from the cutoff position, you will likely get less credit from the other players than you would if you raise up front. Other players know that up front raises tend to be big hands, and that the cutoff position will raise with some marginal hands, especially in tournament play. Be prepared for your opponents to play back at you when you raise from the cutoff, especially if you have a reputation as an aggressive player.

Cut Off Poker Term

When deciding whether or not to steal from the cutoff with a marginal hand, you must consider the texture of the game. In general, the looser and more aggressive the game is, the better quality hand you will need to steal with. It is also important pay attention to which players tend to defend their blinds and which do not. If the players who are in the blind when you are the cutoff do not typically defend their blinds, you will want to be more active stealing blinds. While you should make adjustments to your play based upon the texture of your opponents play, you should be careful not to over-adjust. You want to think of these adjustments as tweaks rather than major overhauls of your game. If you open up your game too much in a tight game you will get clobbered by monster hands. If you tighten up too much in a loose game you will forsake a lot of opportunity for profit and end up sitting around and waiting on big hands.
Usage: Raise From The Cutoff Position, The Cutoff Raised
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