Clash Royale Online is an online game and 62.83% of 214 players like the game. Clash Royale incorporates card playing. Players can arrange their own cards and bring up to eight cards into the game before each game starts. After entering the game, these cards will appear in your hand in a random form. Clash of Clans is a free-to-play, social mobile online RTS from Supercell that combines strategy with fast-paced combat. Players can join or create a clan and build an army of Barbarians, War. Click a tower already on the map once to select it and then move the mouse and click again to drop it in an empty space on the map. To delete the tower, move the mouse outside the map and click again to.


How Can We Play Clash of Clans Online on PC? Technically, Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy video game and players need to use smart phones to download&play CoC. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play Clash of Clans on PC. To play CoC for PC online, you need help from an Android Emulator. The Bridge between Mobile and Computer. Clash of Clans Online is Brand new Viking Action Strategy!

Use our clash of clans builder to create your layouts. Set levels, view heatmaps, stats and much more.
See the most popular, most viewed and best Clash of Clans village layouts. Modify and create your own.
View the top tips and tricks as voted by game players. Share your own Clash of Clans tips and tricks.
Create your own Clan Website for recruiting and chatting with Clan Members. Style it with custom styles, Track Members trophies and more!
Use the Clash of Clans Attack Simulator to attack any of the layouts with wallbreakers and watch those walls crumble in real time.


Trophy TH11

Clash Of Clans Play Pc

War TH11
Clash Of Clans Online
War TH11
All TH11 Bases


Farming TH10
Hybrid TH10
Hybrid TH10
All TH10


War TH9

Clash Of Clans Online Tool

War TH9
War TH9
All TH9


Hybrid TH8
Farming TH8
War TH8
All TH8


Trophy TH7
War TH7
Hybrid TH7
All TH7

Coctool 2020 is an online tool known as the Clash of clans generator. By using this tool you can generate unlimited gems, gold, and Elixir for free. Every Clash of clans lover wants unlimited resources but it takes time and effort. It is very difficult to collect Gems especially elixir, by using this coc tool (hack) you will get unlimited resources. This tool is free and 100% secure to use. T

here are many coctools to hack the game but most of them are fake or dangerous for your account. By using any Illigle mod or hack your account will be permanently banned.

Coctool 2020

Clash of clans tool is free online generator for generating Gems, gold and Elixer. This tool is the latest version. If you are clash of clans lover then you must try this tool. Vegas no deposit bonus casinos.

What is Clash of clans online Generator?

Clash of Clans tools is also known as the clash of clans generator. This generator allows users to generate unlimited Gems and Gold for free. Only the user name is required to start the generator. After selecting the number of Gems this generator starts working and ad the selected amount into your account within a few minutes,

How to Hack Clash of Clans?

There are three main resources in the game.

  1. Gems
  2. Gold
  3. Elixir

It is very difficult to collect these resources. So there are some tools that help the user to get unlimited resources for free.

Gems Generator

There are many tools available to hack gems but its not easy to hack a game like clash of clans. It’s an online game so its nearly impossible to hack this game. When you play the game every information is stored on the game server so, In order to hack gems, you must have to hack the server to make changes into your account.

Some games such as hill climb racing etc, these games store data on your device, by accessing to root folder you can change data or even unlock every ca. But the clash of clans is different for these games. So to hack clash of clans there are three methods that actually work.

  1. Coc Tool (Clash of Clans online generator)
  2. Clash of clans Prive Server
  3. Clash of Clans Mod Apk

By using these methods you can generate unlimited gems for free.

Method to Hack Gems through Coc Generator

It’s very easy to hack gems by using coctool (clash of clans online generator)

  1. Go to Gems Generator
  2. Enter your username
  3. Select the number of Gems
  4. Click on Start Generator

You will get your selected amount of gems in your account within a few minutes.

Gold Hack

There are many videos and sites that are sharing methods for the gold hack, As a fan of this game I tried almost all methods, none of these methods works because there is no easy way to hack any online game. After spending over a week I found the coctool (gold hack). Clash of clans tool is free to use but it also asks for human verification like other fake generator but it actually works.

Gold is one of the basic necessities of the game. The most precious thing in this game is Gold. Gold helps you in the defensive mechanism of Like Walls and Cannons. Tesla tower wizard tower is above all town hall. Without gold, it cannot repair traps. You can easily generate Gold with a COC generator. It takes a few munites to Increase gold. Just select the number of gold you want to add to your account.

Follow these steps to Increase gold.

Using this tool is very easy, Only the username is required to start generating gold.

Method to Hack Gold through Coc Tool

Method of generating Gold is similar to gems method.

  1. Go to Gems Generating Tool(
  2. Enter username
  3. Select the amount of Gold you want to add in your account.
  4. Click on Start Generator
  5. Wait Few Minutes and let the generator do the work.

How the Clash of clans tool works?

This is the only tool I found working. It’s very easy to use. You only need the username to operate this tool. As we all know the clash of clans is an online strategy game. So, using any bad too can ban your account. This generator is connected with the clash of the clans server. When you give the command to generate resources it changes the value of your account. That’s the reason it is 100% safe to use. Follow the given instructions if you are facing issues in operating this hack.

1- Go to the Gems Generator

2- First Enter your Username

3- Select the number of Gems by pressing the button

4- Now Select The number of gold

5- Click on Start Generator

Advantages of using COCTOOL 2020

There are many advantages you will get over other opponents. The complete list of advantages is given bellow

  • Using gems you can get other resources such as elixir, gold, and dark elixir.
  • You will need gems to get additional items such as builder’s hut, a pirate flag, and mighty statue and these require a HUGE amount of gems
  • Instant finish all of the upgrades using gems that you get in an unlimited amount from the clash of clans generator
  • Use the gems from coctool generator to heal your heroes
  • Purchase shields and speed up the production of your barracks using the bulk amount of gems. I mean come on you are getting billions of gems from our clash of clans online generator.

Clash of clans free Gems Hack

Gems are the essence of the clash of clans. Every player wants unlimited gems to unlock achievements. You can do anything if you have gems. Most of the user hack gems for the following

  1. Game Upgrade
  2. upgrade troops
  3. Increase level
  4. Reach Highest town

Collecting gems takes a lot of time and effort. By using a generator, you can unlock most of the achievements instantly.

Gems Generator a better Clash of Clans hack

You still might be thinking about using the different mods online to get unlimited resources, but the thing is that you will have to install those different servers. Then you will have to download some additional files of those games, and even then you will have to restart the game again and again. This is because the processor takes more and more time to process the MOD’s files.

The restarting of the game, again and again, makes the gameplay far less enjoyable. Hence, the unlimited resources you might get from these private servers will be utterly useless if you are looking for uninterrupted gameplay that is.

Clash Of Clans Online

Clash Of Clans Online Mod

The other problem that might arise by using normal mods is that Supercell which is the developer of COC are always working to detect the MODS and they ban you when you get caught. Most of the MODS are not working out there anyway. The ones that are working are not worth the risk of getting your main account banned.

As we have mentioned before, you will have to download some of the additional files from the mods which are from unknown sources. They may steal your account information which they can later use to blackmail you, or these files may contain harmful viruses and malware which is even worse.

Can We Hack Clash of Clans using Mods?

There are few Mods that actually work but using Mods to Hack Clash of Clans is very risky. Clash of clans doesn’t allow their user to Hack game. There are great chances of getting your account completely Ban. We don’t recommend our users to use such Mods. There are other methods that you can use to get Free Gems and Gold instead of using such risky Mods

General FAQ’s

What is coctool?

Clash Of Clans Game Download

Its a generator used to generate Gems & Gold

Is it Possible to Hack Clash of Clans?

Clash Of Clans Online Game

No, It’s not possible to hack clash of clans. Hacking clash of cans can ban your account permanently

What is Clash of Clans generator?

Clash Of Clans Online No Download

It is an online tool used to generate Gems and Gold for free.

How does coc tool work?

This tool is connected with the server from which you can change the number of Gems and Gold

Is Clash of Clans tool safe to use?

Yes, It is 100% safe to use. – 2018