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Chess Betting Odds In 1972, the world’s attention briefly turned towards a dimly lit sports hall in Reykjavik, where the World Chess Championship was taking place. Gambling knows no intellectual boundary or maximum IQ. Chess knows no minimum IQ either, I suppose, but I still hold to the theory that chess requires a certain kind of person. One that is at least a bit more intelligent. Please respond to this blog by listing links to websites that offer chess gambling. Play chess on Chess.com - the #1 chess community with +30 million members around the world. Play online with friends, challenge the computer, join a club, solve puzzles, analyze your games, and learn from hundreds of video lessons. You can also watch top players and compete for prizes. You are gambling on a chess tournament with three matches taking place: Alexey VS Maha Oscar VS Mahnoor Tyler VS Parker All players are equally matched, so the probability of any player winning a match is 1/2. You must guess which player will win cach match. It costs you $10 to play, with prizes as follows:.

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Chess is almost never associated with wagering and gambling. It is not a game you will find at online casinos. But it is a highly competitive game that is always associated with money and big cash prizes.

You can always make money playing chess, and here are a few ways:

  • Wager on the outcomes of private games of chess played in houses, parks, and other places.
  • Become a professional chess player, participate in prestigious chess tournaments, and win big money.
  • Play chess at club events and win real money prizes.
  • Sell books, tutorials, and other chess-related products.
  • Teach people how to play chess.
  • Write articles and tutorials on chess, submit them to chess magazines and websites and get paid for it.
  • Play chess online and win real money prizes.

The following are brief reviews of the top five apps and sites for earning money through chess:

Chess Cube

Chess Cube is available on desktops as well as mobile devices, enabling you to play live games at any time and from any location. Play free blitz and bullet chess games. The chess site offers over 30,000 games every single day and 400+ daily tournaments. Chess Cube features social forums, friend lists, leaderboard races with attractive prizes, chat rooms, and live chat.

Established in 2006, Chess Cube is not only a great site for playing chess, but also for socializing with chess enthusiasts from different parts of the world and learning the game. It offers plenty of lectures on chess strategies and training videos.

Chess Cube is home to more than 720,000 players from 230 countries. Its social forums and chat rooms have moderators who are active users of the site. You can download Chess Cub’s award-winning desktop AIR to watch ChessCube Cinema or purchase videos from ChessCube Shop to improve your chess strategy.


Chess.com is home to a community of more than 25 million chess players. You can use the site’s training tools to either learn or improve your game. The site is home to some of the top chess players in the world and you can easily learn from them. Chess.com offers the options of playing in browser, downloading the software for your PC, or playing on the move.

Launched by two chess enthusiasts called Erik and Jay in 2005, Chess.com today runs over a million games of chess daily. It has in its employ over 100 content editors, support staff, and programmers. Despite having no physical location, Chess.com represents twelve countries from across the world.

You will find some high-quality content created by 50+ excellent chess players, professionals, and coaches at Chess.com.

Big Time Chess

Big Time Chess is an Android app developed by WINR Games Inc. You can play free video games and chess games at Big Time Chess and actually win real money. The app has already given away prizes in thousands of dollars to lucky players.

You have to play the games and collect tickets to gain entry into the cash prize draws. If you win the draw, you will get a real money prize. Big Time Chess pays you through PayPal. Through these prize draws, the online casino shares with its players a part of its advertising revenue.

You don’t have to spend any real money at the app. Also, you will not be prompted to make in-app purchases.


The owner operator of MBChess.com is MBhitech Solutions. The purpose of the site is to promote chess through the creation of a community of skilled chess players. You can play chess online round the clock from the comforts of home. To get started, you just have to create an account.

MBChess.com offers real money chess games as well as free chess games. You can play the free games to improve your game and the paid ones to win some exciting cash prizes. The chess site also encourages you to invite your friends, family members, and relatives and enjoy some private games of chess.


Chess2Play.com is another chess site that provides a safe and secure environment for chess players worldwide to meet and play chess. The site, which is run by volunteers as well as professionals from different parts of the world, is truly an international chess gaming community.

The chess gaming environment at Chess2Play.com is safe and secure as it uses the latest 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital encryption technology. Gold circle horse racing and gambling.

Short Answer:

Real money chess doesn’t work well online because of the difficulty in enforcing the rules of the game. Even inexpensive chess programs can be used to simulate expert levels of play. All one has to do is load up a copy of any decent chess simulator and input the opponent’s moves into that program. This basically leaves the opponent playing against an expert-level computer.

But, you can play chess online for free with relatively little trouble. There are plenty of chess sites that host tournaments and keep track of your rankings online. No real money is involved, but these sites do offer a lot in the way of practice, training material, socializing and competition for bragging rights.

These are the three most popular multiplayer chess sites, ranked in order of their popularity and prestige:

There are a lot of other chess sites on the internet, but these are generally recognized as the best for serious students of the game. If you do a little research, you’ll see that most chess aficionados respect these sites the most.

Long Answer:

Chess is one of my longtime favorite games. The strategy implications are so deep that you can spend a lifetime mastering the game. In chess, there is no hidden information other than the intentions of your opponent. There are no hidden cards, chance outcomes based on dice or anything of that nature. Everything you need sits before you on the board in plain sight.

People do play chess for real money. It is inevitable that a game as competitive as chess will involve money to some degree. Chess tournaments around the world give out significant prizes to the winners. Private games often involve wagers on the outcome.

Chess Gambling

But unfortunately, real money chess does not translate well to the internet. The biggest problem with online chess is that it is too easy to get help with outside programs. There is no easy way around this so there is not a single place on the internet where you can play chess for any significant money.


Cheating at Online Chess

You know how above I said that all the information you need in chess is available right in front of you on the board? Well, that is the game’s greatest downfall when it comes to the internet. Computer programmers have already solved the game of chess.

Even simple games like Chessmaster are capable of playing at extremely high levels. Set Chessmaster to the highest difficulty level and you’ll have a digital opponent who can beat all but the most elite chess players.

This makes it all too easy to cheat at chess online. All you have to do is fire up a second computer, turn on Chessmaster, set it to the hardest difficulty setting and then input all of your opponent’s moves to the game. The computer will respond with the most strategically correct move and you can then mimic those moves when playing against other people online.

Right now, we have no solution for that problem. Some websites in the past have required you to install software that prevents outside programs from running on your computer. The problem with that is you can just use a different computer to run a chess program.

The only way you can play chess with other people and know for sure that they aren’t cheating is to play those people in person. Cheating isn’t much of a problem at free chess sites because most of the people there are serious students of the game. But if you add money to the mix, the incentive to cheat suddenly becomes powerful.

So for now, it’s not realistic to play chess online for real money. Gamecolony.com does have real money games and a section devoted to chess, but I wouldn’t recommend going that route. The only possible method of detecting cheaters is to watch for players who make strategically perfect decisions every time. In that case, you are relying on the site’s security department to keep everything on the up-and-up.

Personally, I stay away from real money chess online. The risks of cheating are too real to make it worthwhile. And even if the risk of cheating doesn’t concern you, it surely concerns enough other people that you’ll have a hard time finding matches and making any decent money.

The Alternative

If you have an interest in real money online chess, you might want to try poker instead. Poker is a deeply strategic game and you can play online for as much or as little money as you want. Skilled players do make a lot of money playing online.

Play Chess For Cash Online

Cheating isn’t nearly as problematic for poker because there is enough hidden information that computers cannot effectively solve the game. Every person plays poker differently + you play against multiple opponents at a time. I’ve heard of people setting up bots to play poker, but those bots are ineffective in comparison to just learning how to play a smart game.

Poker does have an element of chance in the short run, but it is still a skill-based game. The best poker players consistently make money with poker. I can tell you this from firsthand experience. I played poker all through college and made enough money to pay off my student loans and live comfortably.

Give poker a shot. There is enough strategy in this game that you can spend a lifetime improving your skills. Some of the best poker players in the world earn millions of dollars a year at the tables. Sure, you’ll have bad days where the cards seem to always fall in favor of your opponents but over the long run, skilled players win.

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