A look at the numbers will tell you that online gambling is a growth industry. More and more jurisdictions around the world are opting for licensed, legal online betting, including multiple states in the notoriously difficult and legally complex USA market.

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  • As you may already know, non Gamstop gambling sites are becoming more and more popular in the UK. You may be wondering what makes these brand new casinos not on Gamstop in 2020 so special. Well, Gamstop is a requirement for every UK licensed casino. Thus, the best non Gamstop casino sites are something like a haven for Brits!
  • Casinos not on Gamstop – Top Non Gamestop Casinos 2021. On this page, we will list the top casinos for UK customers that are not connected to Gamstop. These Casinos not on Gamstop are offshore companies based and have licenses outside of the UK. Gamstop is a service created for people to control their gambling online through self exclusion.

But it’s the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdowns that have created large, captive audiences seeking a greater volume of their entertainment online. If you were to tally how many people visit physical casinos in any given week, then consider that most of those people will not be able to do so but will likely be able to gamble online instead, it gives just a hint of the size of the boost enjoyed by the online gambling sector over the past year.

Ultimate guide to list of 50 + Casinos not on GamStop as well as non Gamstop Casino Gambling sites that accept players from UK. GamStop is a self-exclusion service used in the UK to help people put a stop to their gambling activities. Although useful, GamStop can sometimes be an obstacle, so players often seek alternatives — casinos not blocked by Gamstop.

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Of course, the subject of gambling often raises questions about addiction, and lockdown has been a challenging time for many in this respect. Many gamblers who have self-excluded via the UK’s Gamstop scheme are seeking out a non Gamstop casino, based abroad, where they are able to continue gambling even while serving their voluntary UK ban. What’s more, these non Gamstop casinos are often able to offer a better player experience due to fewer restrictions imposed by their licensors, such as slower spin speeds or enforced delays in slots games, or limits on the size of deposits, bonuses, or wagers.

While we do not recommend playing at non Gamstop casinos, especially for those with addiction problems, if it’s something you’re considering you should first check out these six important points every smart gambler should know.

1) No Gamstop – No Responsible Gambling Feature

Firstly, as the name makes clear, non Gamstop casinos UK do not participate in the Gamstop scheme. Gamstop allows customers of gambling sites in the UK to quickly self-exclude themselves from all licensed gambling activities online, via a single request. This means that gamblers joining the Gamstop scheme are automatically barred from all UK gambling sites until the exclusion period has ended.

Non Gamstop casinos are not licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), the industry body which requires its licensees to join the Gamstop scheme, so are not legally bound to participate in Gamstop. What’s more, UKGC-licensed operators are able to share player data in order to enforce Gamstop exclusions, so that an excluded customer is unable to open new accounts at different sites. Without being licensed by the UKGC, non Gamstop casinos would be unable to enforce a Gamstop ban due to not having legal access to that data.

The result is that non Gamstop casinos continue to offer opportunities to gamble to excluded customers, who are likely to be those most at risk of addiction issues.

2) Casinos not on Gamstop are not licensed in the UK

While it’s definitively true to say that non Gamstop casino sites are not licensed in the UK, it’s incorrect to assume they are all unlicensed. Almost all are licensed by international regulators based in places such as Curacao, Panama or Costa Rica, so are bound by the terms of their licences to offer a degree of financial security, data safety and fair play.

When playing with a UKGC-licensed operator, customers are able to enjoy peace of mind that their games are being overseen by one of the most stringent regulators in the world, with high standards expected to be met across the board. Additionally, brand recognition can play a big part in boosting customer faith, with big, established names such as William Hill or Ladbrokes increasing that sense of safety.

Top Casino Sites Not On Gamstop

Non Gamstop casinos are not legally permitted to advertise in the UK, which explains why so few players will be familiar with many of these names, but this does not mean they are not safe or fun places to play.

What this means for punters in the UK is that a little homework is recommended before making a deposit to a non Gamstop casino. Where is it licensed? How long has it been running, and what kind of reputation does it have among international players? As with any financial decision you make online, take it seriously and do a little research.

3) Non Gamstop Casino Bonuses and No Deposit Campaigns – Beware of Requirements

Speaking of research, it’s definitely worth investigating the small print on any fantastic looking deposit offers you receive from non Gamstop casino sites.

Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and no deposit offers are a big part of any casino’s marketing plan, and are also an area where the UKGC’s restrictions can make non Gamstop casinos appear to be more attractive than their home-grown alternatives. The UKGC has limits on how much can be offered, meaning non Gamstop casinos are often able to throw around some big numbers to attract and keep new players.

We would always recommend reading the terms and conditions of any offer you accept online, but in the case of non Gamstop casinos we think it’s an absolute must. Every casino site will attach conditions to a bonus – they’re not in the business of simply giving away money, after all – but you will often find the conditions for a bonus at a non Gamstop site can make it extremely difficult to actually clear the bonus and withdraw it.

Whether bonus funds must be played through (e.g. gambled) dozens and dozens of times before being eligible for withdrawal, or if playing certain bets or games nullifies the bonus entirely, there are many pitfalls waiting for the unwary gambler. You may even find that any funds you deposit yourself on the site may not be withdrawn until played through a certain number of times.

Make yourself completely familiar with any fine print, conditions or quirks of a bonus well before you deposit.

4) Payment Technology on Gambling sites not on Gamstop are different

As our lives become more dependent on digital services and shopping, it’s likely we all have our preferred methods of making payments online. From PayPal to debit cards, Visa, Mastercard or Skrill, we tend to find our favourite payment methods are accepted in most places we try to use them, and that’s likely to be the case with most UKGC-licensed casinos.

Non Gamstop casinos, with their more international (and less UK-centric) focus tend to offer a range of different payment options, but don’t be surprised if the options don’t include all your usual favourites. PayPal, in particular, is not widely accepted, although other ewallets like EcoPayz or Ukash are more common.

You will also often find that non Gamstop casino sites will only pay withdrawals to the same method you used to deposit. If you’re using cash vouchers, or certain credit cards which will not permit withdrawals, this could be an issue. Additionally, many sites will impose a restriction on the size and/or frequency of withdrawals.

One element of non Gamstop casinos which attracts many players is the greater degree of anonymity they can afford, so any casino site which accepts cryptocurrency will hold greater appeal for those players. Not all of them do, but some of the more progressive non Gamstop sites are moving towards accepting more cryptocurrencies. And that’s a development that, so far, shows no sign of coming to UKGC casinos.

5) Slots not on Gamstop vs Casino Games on UK Sites

Gambling Sites Not On Gamstop Uk

Slots games are among any casino’s biggest earners, and prove immensely popular with customers, so all non Gamstop sites are going to offer a great range of slots. Yet the nature of many big name slots games – being based on expensive and exclusive intellectual properties – means the rights to those games are complex and ever-changing.

If you’re a huge fan of certain slots games which use licensed IP, for example something like The Terminator, Guns ‘N’ Roses or Jimi Hendrix, it’s worth checking the games available on a site by site basis, as not every non Gamstop casino will offer them all.

The same goes for other popular slots which, while not carrying an expensive licensed name, have built reputations as industry powerhouses. Hugely popular slots games like Starburst, for example, will be available at some selected sites, while other big names unfortunately won’t be available at all, so shop around carefully if access to a specific game is important to you.

NotCasino Sites Not On Gamstop

Gambling Sites Not On Gamestop

Finally, you’re likely to find that the number of progressive jackpot games, and the jackpots themselves, will be smaller than on the UKGC sites.

6) Non Gamstop Casinos UK and Legality


So, when all is said and done, is playing at a non Gamstop casino site actually legal for players in the UK?


Casino Sites Not On Gamstop

The answer is yes. The legal burden falls upon the sites themselves, which are not permitted to advertise or market their products to customers in the UK without a UKGC licence. If they were to do so, they would be breaking the law, which is why so many of these international non Gamstop casinos remain unknown within the UK. Yet finding one of these sites is not difficult, and takes only a few seconds spent typing a few words into a search engine. Happily, by doing so and signing up to a non Gamstop casino, individuals in the UK are acting 100% within the law and do not need to fear any legal ramifications.

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