Breaking You

A scientific 12 month program to shift your financial life.


You’ve probably hit up some good…

  • Books
  • Seminars/webinars
  • Engaged an advisor
  • Budgeting apps

And I bet you’re one of those successful types, you know promising career, entrepreneurial etc…

And after all of the above, you may have…

  • Put a bit extra into super
  • Pursued property investment opportunities
  • Created the perfect spending plan
  • Paying down or building up to your dream home

Or maybe you’re just getting started…

You’ve been told this will all likely lead to a good life, right?

So, what’s the issue?

You want more. You’re capable of so much more.

There’s a bug inside of you that wants to break the status quo and just go further than normal.

‘Breaking You’ is a 12 month program designed to do exactly that.

It’s about breaking existing beliefs and habits that may be holding you back and creating new ones that are a better fit.

It’s about aligning your financial decisions with the life you really want and reenergising the dreams you have for your future.

Here’s how it works….

Step 1. Schedule a call and share what’s frustrating you. Specifically, what you feel is holding you back and what it is you really want from life. An elite life that you deserve.

Step 2. We’ll provide the cure to shift your habits, beliefs and actions into what what’s required right now.

Step 3. We’ll apply our unique ‘live’ benchmarks against the key metrics that will positively impact your life.

Here’s some examples…

Get the tax man and bankers on your side.

Work the system and take advantage of the mundane and red tape and make it’s easier to have your financial wishes granted.

  • Tax
  • Interest


  • Upgrade your money psychology
  • Values based budgeting
  • Premium banking solution

Serious wealth creation

  • Investing 2.0 (the next level)
  • Lock and load super

Make debt your best friend

  • Leverage debt
  • Reduce opportunity cost
  • Future strategies

Protect the downside and focus on the good stuff

  • Insurances
  • Estate planning

The aim is to create the necessary habits, beliefs and intel within 12 months and set you on a financial path in the direction you want.

1st critical 12 months - $550 per month

(Depending on your circumstance, a large percentage of the fee maybe payable from super)

From 12 months, once your set, we’ll explore what support you need to continue on your journey.

Schedule Call Now

Agenda for call

  • 10 minutes - Decipher existing problems and what you really want from life.
  • 10 minutes - Identify key benchmarks to track and manage with live data.
  • 10 minutes - Determine if we’re a fit and if you’re ready to get started, schedule a ‘strategy’ meeting in 2 to 4 weeks.
  • If the “Breaking YOU Program” is not for you, we’ll provide free access to our “DIY Breaking You” online course (RRP $1,980)