Football is a fantastic sport to watch, and it entertains fans across Africa. It has also become a great way to enjoy some sports betting with the potential to bring in big winnings. Whether it is the Africa Cup of Nations or the European leagues, there are plenty of exciting markets to bet on, and opportunities to win.

Many choices mean a lot of decisions to make about the best bets to place, how to find value, and how much to stake. The challenge is to pick the right wagers and have a strategic approach. Some losses are unavoidable, but the focus here is on profits. This guide sets out the top tips on how to win big on football betting and build a winning betting strategy.

How To Win Big On Football Accumulators

Although they aren’t the easiest football bets to win, footy accumulators are one of the most popular ways to bet today. This is because you can stand to win a lot of money from an accumulator with a relatively small stake.

Accumulators have high payouts because of the way the odds are combined. The single selection odds are multiplied to give you cumulative odds. If one of your selections has longer odds, it can have a big impact.

In case you are looking for today's top football predictions, we can provide you with accurate soccer betting tips. With us, you can confidently win bets on soccer matches. Our research-based approach and analytical skill remain unmatched. Closely working with experienced tipsters, we come up with genuine recommendations for bettors. Here we bring you our upcoming sure bet predictions for today. By sure bets, we mean games where we are at least 85% confident that wins will be as we've predicted for each of the teams. While we class the football predictions shown here as safe bets or sure wins, they don't guarantee success. Folks have gone on to start placing bets by taking advantage of quality football betting tips and reliable sports bookies. This is because these bookies offer their users sweet odds for football games. This is alongside quick registration, and speed of light payouts after every win, and this a major plus. 12 BEST FOOTBALL.

Soccer Accumulator Strategy

The beauty of accumulators is that you can mostly play it safe by betting on the favourites.

You wouldn’t necessarily want to bet on these outcomes on their own as the payouts would be small, but here you get to play it safe and get a good payout.

Bet Football League

For example: Tottenham vs Arsenal 1.14

Liverpool vs Man City 1.14

Leicster vs West Ham 3.4

Watford vs Bournemouth 1.8

Brighton vs Wolves 1.6

Everton vs Southampton 1.44

Football Bet Prediction

Cumulative odds: 18.47

Another way to reduce the risk of accumulators is to use betting sites that offer a cashback offer for these types of bets. These promotions return your stake to you if you lose by just one leg.

Football Betting Techniques & Tips

If you want to know how to win big on football bets, then these techniques and tips could help you develop a winning approach:

  1. Try a football jackpot

Also known as a football pool. You pay in a small stake or sometimes enter for free just by being an active customer on the site. You need to correctly predict several match outcomes, usually 6 or 10, but it can go up to 15. Jackpots can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions.

  1. Find great odds

The truth is that different online betting sites won’t all offer the same odds. You might need to shop around and find the best football odds or games with an odds boost. This has a big impact on your payout and will change your long term profits.

Biggest Football Bet Win
  1. Football betting strategy

As much as you may want a team to win, that isn’t enough information for placing a bet. Look at track records, both team scoring percentages, home advantages, and the run-up to the game to guide your predictions.

Football Betting Strategy

Whether you are coming up with premier league predictions or betting on the goals scored in the Champions League final, you’ll need a football betting strategy to ensure you have a winning approach.

Positive Expected Value

Betting on football means you should understand odds and probability. Each bet has an implied probability shown by the bookmaker’s odds. That can be used to look for expected value.

board on black background texture

To do this, you’ll need to see what the bookmaker’s probability is, and compare it to your own information about how likely an event is. If you can find a bet where the sportsbook has predicted that an event is less likely that you do, based on your knowledge and information, then you have found a bet with positive expected value.

There is a calculation you can use to look at the expected value of a wager. Expected value = (probability of winning x potential winnings) – (probability of losing x stake). The point of expected value isn’t to calculate which wagers will win, but which deliver profits in the long run.

Live Betting Strategy

If your current approach only includes pre-match betting, then a live betting strategy could certainly add some value and diversity to your betting strategy.

With in-play betting, it is best to focus on just one game. This means you can do adequate research beforehand, keep track of the action while the game is happening, and react accordingly.

It’s worth using sites with live streaming, stats, and odds charts so that you can see up to the minute information. You may also want a cashout feature to guarantee some profits or cut your losses.

Bookmakers Promotions: How To Win Money On Football Bets

When focusing on how to win money on football bets, you can use betting sites bonuses to your advantage. Free bets are particularly useful for a type of betting strategy known as matched betting. This is a strategy for those who want to make risk free wagers, but be aware that some bookmakers may restrict your account due to matched betting activity. Pk sports betting.

It is similar to a strategy called arbitrage, where you can wager on the possible outcomes in a way to guarantee you get some profits. Bets are placed at different sportsbooks. For example, one on the first team to win, the second on a draw, and the third on the other team to win.

Not every bet guarantees profits just by betting on each outcome, so you might need to use a bet calculator to be sure you have got the sums right. It makes sense to place the free bet on the selection with the highest odds, as you won’t get the stake back on the free bet.

Best Football Bets

Final Thoughts


Football is an incredibly popular sport to watch and to bet on. Many bettors lose money wagering on football because they think a bit of knowledge is enough. Find wagers with big payouts, such as accumulators and football jackpots. This doesn’t mean upping your stakes; it means choosing smarter bets.

The ultimate resource to help you find the best bets each day in college football.

Here you will find a list of our best College Football bets of the day. This page will be updated several times over the weekend. All Best bets are Against the Spread or Totals Plays.

This page is divided into 3 simple sections.

Here you will find a list of our best College Football bets of the day for College Football Picks. This page will be updated several times over the weekend. All Best bets are Against the Spread or Totals Plays.

The second section lists two of our complimentary college football best bets matchup reports. We write these daily for most NCAA football games. These articles are more for the do-it-yourself types that want to really dig in and also have the time do the extensive research required each day.

The third section ties into the second section where our experts give advice on what to do with the information and how to spot a best bet in college football.

College Football Best Bets Tonight [Updated daily]


VERNON CROY is also a remarkable 23-12 +5,620 with his last 35 top CBB plays rated 5-Units or higher this season and he is ready to crush the books with his 7-Unit CBB Play (8:00 pm) that goes Wednesday night. Croy is the top CBB expert this season up over +6,000 so get on it now! Can you get on this play fast enough?!

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Sign up for one of the above college football expert picks here. If you are not ready to sign up for one of our top NCAA football plays, below you will find a couple free college football picks and matchup reports. You can get free college football picks weekly for every game here.

Complimentary College Football games for today [Updated daily]

Ohio State Buckeyes vs Alabama Crimson Tide Prediction, 1/11/2021 College Football Pick, Tips and Odds
by Tony Sink - 1/3/2021

The Ohio State Buckeyes are scheduled to play the Alabama Crimson Tide at Hard Rock Stadium on Monday, January 11, 2021. The quarterbacks who are expected to start are Justin Fields and Mac Jones. This matchup report includes odds, betting trends and a free pick against the spread. Read More >>

Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns vs UTSA Roadrunners Prediction, 12/26/2020 College Football Pick, Tips and Odds
by Guy Bruhn - 12/23/2020

The Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns are set to meet the UTSA Roadrunners at Gerald J. Ford Stadium on Saturday, December 26, 2020. The men under center are Levi Lewis and Frank Harris. This Matchup report includes Vegas odds and a free college football pick for tonight. Read More >>

What Makes a Best Bet in NFL? [Updated during the season]

Doc's Sports Service is the most trusted and well-respected sports information company in the United States. Below you will find a list of 10 tips for finding a college football best bet from 10 of the top college football handicapping experts in the country. Our service is second-to-none in terms of both results and customer relations. With nearly 50 years of experience, Doc's Sports is the gold standard in the sports information industry.

A lot of other people in this industry focus their attention on high-pressure sales tactics and irresponsible betting practices. But at Doc's Sports we believe that there is a lot of money to be made in the sports investing market. Therefore, our college football handicappers keep their focus on results and showing their clients a profit. It's a win-win situation and the foundation of our success: keep it simple.

We offer our clients top college football predictions at one fair price. Our college football handicappers release a full slate of college football picks at 6 p.m. EST each Thursday throughout the season. Every one of our college football handicappers has a different style, but all have enjoyed vast success. And that includes success with their weekly college football top games and best bets, which are available for just $30 apiece.

All of our college football handicapping picks come with a rotation number, unit rating (Click Here to read more about our Unit System for the best money management), time and date of the game and a detailed analysis.

NFL Best Bet Tipsters

Top 10 Tips

NFL Football Best Bets Advice

Doc's Sports

Bet against the triple option attack…

Robert Ferringo

You've got to do your homework…

Allen Eastman

Always look for important trends…

Raphael Esparza

Keep an eye on early season totals…

Strike Point Sports

Look for the short home favorite…

Jason Sharpe

Small conferences are a gold mine…

Doug Upstone

Play totals with active underdogs…

Alan Harris

Motivation, morale and coaching…

Vernon Croy

Twitter and Internet are friends…

Tony George

Stay away from featured games…

Here are 10 tips for finding college football best bets from our team:

DOC'S SPORTS – If you want a good system for a college football best bet, then wager against a triple-option team where the opponent is coming off a long layoff. This is especially true for bowl games. Triple-option teams work best when teams do not have much time to prepare for them. Giving a team two weeks or a month to stop it usually spells trouble for the option offense. Teams must have a winning record to make a bowl game, and thus the triple option offenses are not facing a weak defense that they can just overpower. Get $60 in free member picks - no obligation - click here

ROBERT FERRINGO - I can honestly say that every year, two or three of my biggest bets in college football are games that I decide on before the season even starts. And most of those games involve one of two situations. The first is a revenge motivation from the previous year. Revenge is a huge motivator in college football, a sport that is practically fueled by emotion because of the youth of the players. The second thing that I look for is the intersection of teams that I feel are overrated coming into the year against ones that are underrated. A perfect example is in 2016 when I hit one of my Game of the Year plays with Army (+6) over Navy. I actually predicted in JULY that this would be the year that Army would finally snap its 14-year losing streak by winning outright. Taking the points in that game was just a bonus, and the Black Knights won 21-17 in a game that was never really in doubt. Do your homework. Comb through the schedules before the season, and you will see some spots that will be begging for best bet action down the road.

Place A Bet On Football

ALLEN EASTMAN - College football seems like it is very unpredictable. It is not to me. When I am looking for a big play or a college football best bet, I like to look at long-term trends. I think that a lot of college football programs are fairly predictable over the long term. Some schools always play other schools tough. Some teams always struggle when playing on certain fields or in certain situations. And by following the trends, you can get a good idea about where to find value. Take my 8-Unit College Football Game of the Year in 2016, for example. I had Air Force (+8.5) over Boise State. Boise had gone just 7-15 ATS in November games the past few years and was just 1-6 ATS against teams that were over .500. That told me that they struggled late in the season against other good teams and the oddsmakers had them overvalued. Air Force, on the other hand, had gone 11-5 ATS in its last 16 against teams with a winning record, so they were playing their best against the best competition. Air Force won the game outright, 27-20! There are top games and best bets each week that feature similar trends that are always pointing toward the right side. Get $60 in free member picks - no obligation - click here

RAPHAEL ESPARZA - Betting totals in nonconference games at the start of the college football season is always a great spot to look for best bets each week. In September of 2016, Central Michigan hosted the UNLV and that total was a soft 55. That flew over the total as Central Michigan won 44-21. You can always find great value on totals with Big Ten schools playing smaller conference as well as SEC schools playing small conferences. The key to playing totals early in the season is playing them early – right when they get posted - or waiting to the last minute for the wise guys to move your number and then you can bet it on Friday night or Saturday morning. It depends on your side. But anticipating number movements in these early season college totals is an important part of making them pay out in top plays.

STRIKE POINT SPORTS - - Finding a best bet in college football varies from handicapper to handicapper. Many will try and find the 'look-ahead' or the 'let-down' spot. Others will follow a tried and true system that they have been playing for years. The conglomerate here at Strike Point Sports looks for that perfect spot when one team, led by a coach that performs well in big spots, has an extended amount of time to prepare for their opponent. An example of this is when Alabama and head coach Nick Saban have had the summer to prep for a specific matchup. This is evident when Alabama plays a ranked team the first week of the season (see Florida State this year, USC in 2016, Wisconsin in 2015, Virginia Tech in 2013, and Michigan in 2012). The Crimson Tide was favored in each one of those games and didn't bat an eyelash as they won/covered all of them. Some coaches take full advantage of having time off, and we like to bet those situations heavy. Get $60 in free member picks - no obligation - click here

JASON SHARPE - When it comes to a best bet in college football, I usually focus my attention where most others don't: on the bottom three FBS football conferences of the Sun Belt, Conference USA and the Mid-American. My past records show I've had amazing success in games played in these leagues, and the biggest reason for this has to do with placing much more of my attention where the rest of the football bettors aren't looking closely at. The key to finding a top play in these leagues centers around final scores by a team in their past few games and what that actual final score should have been when you factor in for stuff like fumbles, injuries during the game, garbage time points/yards, bad luck, etc. I will go back over every CFB game from the following week and will 're-score' the game by trying to smooth out all the unusual things that can happen. When I'm done, I will post in my notes what I think the actual final score should be. Most folks only look at who beat who and what the final score and stats say and then adjust their power ratings based on that information. When I re-score a game throughout the season, I will start to get an idea which team's final scores are 'off' compared to what I think the game should have been. I keep a list of what I call 'underrated and overrated' teams from this information, and when these two opposite teams meet up against each other, that will usually constitute a big bet for me in college football. For example, two years ago on Oct. 1 I had a 7-Unit winner on Old Dominion (-8.5) over Charlotte in a game that ODU coasted to a dominating 52-17 win. Going into that game, I had noticed that despite having lost their past two games, ODU had played both contests much closer than the actual final score and they did so having gone up against two above average opponents. They were clearly better than what the final scores said in those two games. The exact opposite was true with Charlotte, who has accumulated a ton of garbage yards in their last game, a blowout loss to Temple, making their overall team stats like a lot better than they actually were. Both teams were being looked at incorrectly going into this game, with ODU underrated and Charlotte overrated from looking just at their final scores and the computer power ratings on the Internet. Get $60 in free member picks - no obligation - click here

DOUG UPSTONE- The methodology I use for the NFL applies to college football also. I start by creating a spread based on three power ratings. They all have various components, designed to cover different aspects of the teams in a particular contest. Next, I break down the statistical advantages one team might have over another, particularly at quarterback, running the ball, stopping the run and rushing the opposing quarterback. If those show up as more one-way edges and match my power rankings, I move to the next step. That would be finding systems I have developed and look to find more evidence of a special play and specifically, I'm after ones that have a 75 percent or higher cover rate and with a minimum of 30 game outcomes and the scoring average rather easily covers the spread. Up next is reviewing situational aspects which often can be nuggets of extremely useful information. The cherry on the top is looking at line movement. If the power ratings are strong, the stats are in my favor, a system or two light up and the situation is nicely favorable on a college football conflict that is not on everyone's radar to start a week, that is what I'm looking for in a Best Bet!

Biggest Football Bet Winners

ALAN HARRIS - Look for let-down and look-ahead spots: We're sure you've heard all the theories when it comes to betting college football; play against a team going from west to east, always bet an unranked team giving points, and take the points at home – all are systems that many have played throughout the years. One that we like to look at is finding teams that have a letdown spot in the current week or ones that are looking ahead to a big game in a future week. Let's face it: these are 18-21-year-old kids, and although we hear the coaches say 'one week at a time', the kids are sometimes in one ear and out the other. If there is a big rival on deck, there is almost no way a squad of more than 80 kids is going to be up for playing Directional State University that week. The same can be said for the reverse in this situation. If a school is coming off a big win, it may be tough to come with that same intensity the next week against a school that probably isn't as good as the one they just beat. We used this situation to our advantage in our Bowl Game of the Year in 2017, albeit in a strange spot. Ohio State came into the College Football Playoff as a three-point favorite, and there were many people that were already talking about them playing Alabama in the Championship Game. They were also coming into the game off a huge OT win over their rival, Michigan, in their last game of the regular season. Now, a team should never have a letdown spot in the playoff, but the Buckeyes did just that. Clemson jumped out to a 10-0 first quarter lead and never looked back, winning the game by a final score of 31-0.

Biggest Football Bet Win

VERNON CROY - - A top play for me in college football is when I see value with a powerhouse team that might be flying under the radar. My college football top play has to be on a team where I have them covering the spread by more than 10 points. I also look at smaller conferences to find mistakes in the lines as they are not normally as tight as the big conference games. Injury reports play a big role as well with all sports, and generally I want a healthy team. I study situational data, stats, trends and use my proven analytics to see if a play fits the bill as a top play. Generally, I can always find a top play every week in college football because there are so many games to handicap to exploit errors in the lines. I combine all of my methods used for the past 19 years to give myself the best chance at winning my college football top plays.

TONY GEORGE - Home/road dichotomy is a huge factor in games in terms of bumping up units for best bets in college football. There are just teams out there almost every year that cannot get it done on the road. When you have a team like that on the road and you have a home team with a zero or one-loss home record and they lay less than a TD, I will turn that game upside down and take a deep look at it from various perspectives. And if all signs point the right way, I make a big move on it. Two years ago, Ohio State played a bad road team in Nebraska and won 62-3 laying 17.5 points, and I nailed it huge. Another angle I use is the 200/200 rule. If a team is averaging 200 yards through the air and 200 yards on the ground on offense, they have been about a 60 percent win rate in the past three seasons against the spread. When teams like that play a team with a bad defense, then I can assure you a double-digit win is coming. And if the number is manageable, I will in fact raise the units on the wager and make it a top college football bet. Get $60 in free member picks - no obligation - click here

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