Pop Slots Casino. 435,181 likes 3,975 talking about this. Slots — Play Real Las Vegas Casino Games with Friends for Free. Slots has got a brand new look! Punch Lines is back! Las Vegas Casinos ready to re-open! Slots is a game from Playstudios and is part of the myVEGAS gaming collection. This is one of the more recent additions to their gaming collection. Slots contains a ton of unique casinos with at least 4 slot machines per casino.

You may think that there really isn’t much to the game Pop! Slots, a recently updated mobile title from PlayStudios. After all, casino games for mobile are basically cell phone-friendly versions of the casino games you may know about in real life. And aren’t most of those games pretty much the same anyway? However, Pop! Slots stands out because it lets you play in virtual versions of actual, real-life casinos. It also promises “real” rewards from top hotels, clubs, shows, and restaurants, not only in Las Vegas itself, but also in other casino hot spots around the world. (These include hotel stays, meals, entertainment, and more). You can also work your way toward reaching VIP status, which should be something to shoot for in a game that ostensibly doesn’t have any actual, long-term goals.

  • Stick to the game long enough and you will see how quickly it will yield 50 Loyalty Points for each ‘pop’. Players whose experience level is very high, may not receive 50 L.P. Per ‘pop’ if they are betting very low. So, this is the Pop Slots strategy I adopt: I choose a game which has a very generous bonus.
  • Pop slots game has some need to knows on it here is some things i have personally learned. Pop slots game has some need to knows on it here is some things i have personally learned.

Be that as it may, this isn’t a cut-and-dry kind of mobile game. There are several things you need to take into account when playing this game, and we shall talk about them in greater detail, as we now bring you our exclusive list of Pop! Slots tips, cheats and hints.

1. Conserve Your Credits

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One of the biggest general tips in this game is to spend your credits wisely. You won’t be getting an unlimited amount of credits, of course, so you should always keep your remaining credits in mind and be careful not to overspend. Should you run out of credits, and we hope it wouldn’t have to come to that, you can login to the game the next day, upon which the game will reward you with a new batch of credits.

2. Bet Half Of The Maximum

When it comes to making your bets in Pop! Slots, a good practice would be to bet approximately half of the maximum possible amount. This allows you to play it safe, but not too safe, as you won’t be spending too many of your credits, while ensuring yourself of a solid payout should you luck out at the slots. The key here is pacing yourself and not getting yourself into a hole by betting far more money than you should. You can always purchase more credits with real-life money, but that’s something you want to avoid for the most part.

3. Level Up!

From the get-go, you should be focused on leveling yourself up, because that’s going to allow you to earn more credits as a reward for reaching a higher level, and allow you to bet a higher maximum amount. Part of the thrill of this game is making bigger bets for bigger potential rewards, and while you’ll still want to refrain from being too risky by betting too high a percentage of the max amount, it’s still important to go for a bigger payout.

4. How To Access More Casinos

At the moment, there are only two casinos in which you can play in, though the game will be updated to include a third in the near future. Access to the casinos beyond the default location is only available once you reach a specific level, so the key here is leveling up, just as we mentioned in the previous tip. That means playing as often as possible and making as many bets as possible, may they be winning ones or losing ones. Either way, you get experience points as a reward, as well as a faster track to unlocking more casinos. (Take note, though, that the only difference is the theme. The mechanics remain the same regardless of which casino you play in!)

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These would be our tips and hints for Pop! Slots. If you happen to know more tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us below in the comment section!

Pop Slots Strategy. For myVegas frustrated players (frustrated because chips seem to vanish quickly and amassing loyalty points seem to be a harder task without paying for chips) Pop Slots is now offering a better alternative. It’s a recent development given that initially it wasn’t as ‘generous’ with L.P. as it is now. I can now accumulate thousands of loyalty points for myVegas through Pop Slots very quickly everyday. This is why and how:

1 – This point is still the same despite the latest changes (keep reading). The daily chips bonus used to be much higher than the pittance you got from the regular myVegas slots or even Konami. The 4-hourly chips collection was also much more generous than the other myVegas games. This means that you can quickly accumulate millions of chips. Recently the revamped myVegas app (much messier, though) has copied this aspect but – because of the following point – any Pop Slots strategy will still be better:

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2 – in the past it was difficult to gather enough loyalty points through Pop Slots. But nowadays this game seems to have become more generous and you can easily amass 1000+ loyalty points per day in a very short amount of time. All you have to do is ‘pop’ the violet balloon appearing often on the right side of the screen. It will yield L.P. or chips or experience points. Stick to the game long enough and you will see how quickly it will yield 50 Loyalty Points for each ‘pop’. Players whose experience level is very high, may not receive 50 L.P. per ‘pop’ if they are betting very low.


So, this is the Pop Slots strategy I adopt:

I choose a game which has a very generous bonus. These are bonuses which allow for massive multipliers or sticky wilds / stacked wilds. I bet high enough to make sure the popped balloon on the left yield no less than 50 loyalty points per pop, but I don’t play higher than that, otherwise I run the risk of seeing all my chips disappear fast.

The objective is to collect loyalty points, right? So, if you have collected thousands of loyalty points in one session, don’t despair if you have run out of chips because, as you know well, you will be receiving another huge amount through the daily bonus and the chip collection tab which appears every 4 hours.

If you have hundreds of millions of chips as I did at one point, do not be tempted to bet ridiculously high (over 900,000 per bet) because you will run out of chips and the L.P. given to you per pop won’t increase.

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