This attractive offer to new players, Mr Spin Casino offers 50 free spins on sign up with no Deposit required. On top of that a 100% First deposit bonus with a low wagering requirement of 20x on winnings. This UK based, mobile focused Casino has a lot to offer gambling fans on the move. Best 27 No Wagering Required Casino Bonuses in Canada. By Joseph Havens updated:.

Are you searching for no wagering casinos? These gambling sites can help you to cash out without even meeting any specific conditions. On these platforms, you can gamble with bonuses and then withdraw the amount as soon as the earnings reach cash balance. This detailed article will help you to find a list of best no wagering casinos to enjoy your favorite games online.

All Right Casino
All Right Casino is a young website, although a very successful one. In All Right Casino, you can count on a bonus of totally free cash which can be withdrawn without any wagering requirements. 10%, 12% and 15% will be added to your first three deposits giving you more chances for winning.
Betamo Casino
Betamo has prepared an extremely attractive offer for its players. You can get up to €550 extra funds for playing and 250 free spins for your first three deposits right after registration. Create an account now!
Betchan is a casino existing on the market for several years that has already attracted many devotees of the casino entertainment. The offer of this casino is extremely appealing, especially its welcome bonus that can give us up to €400 of free money for a game and 120 free spins.

Although casino gaming leads to loads of fun, it is always associated with risk. Many people love to take part in these games just to make money; however, few others stay away due to the fear of losses. People around the world are always excited to find casino platforms that offer attractive welcome bonuses and have no wagering requirements. It helps them to boost their earning without putting their deposits on risk.

If you are also excited to be a part of casino gaming, it is good to know more about no wagering options. This is definitely interesting information for those who want to reduce the chances of risk and enjoy more on casino games.

The article below we help you get a closer look at all essential concept related to no wagering casinos. So, spare a few minutes to go through it.

The concept of wagering and no wagering casinos

Wagering is better defined as a synonym for betting. 7 euro gratis casino. A wager is basically any money account or some service or item that stakes on some specific outcome. It basically works against some house, any other player, or sometimes both. The bet/wager can be applied to entertainment events, sports matches, dice rolls, roulette spins, and many other expected outcomes. In case if the selected competitor wins, the winning stake, as well as wager, are returned to the respective player. Wagering is preferably done in bookmaker settings or in some formal casinos; however, this idea can be used in informal ways as well.

But the biggest trouble with wagering is that it usually takes a long time for execution, and accounts may undergo several restrictions. In this case, players are not allowed to place a bet above some threshold price. Or they may not be able to play any specific game. It means the system may even force you to play slot games when you are actually interested in playing poker games.

The free spins no deposit no wager casino do not face such type of problems. There are plenty of first deposit bonus casino websites that can help you play games without wagering anything. One can make deposits and receive bonuses with ease. The users are free to withdraw their bonuses, or they can even use them later for some other games. In short, no wagering casinos give more freedom to the players.

We also recommend for our readers to check out the list of the best online casinos that only feature the best brands, not divided by categories like no deposit casinos or best payout casinos. This list is pretty much the best of the best online casinos that are worth playing at.

What is No Wagering Requirement?

No wagering requirement is also known as zero wagering requirement, and it allows players to enjoy games without any restriction on their bonuses. Players can cash out their winning amount or bonus spins whenever they want. In simple words, there is no need to play as long as you have the pending bonus, or players need not risk their winnings in future games.

There are plenty of casinos online that allow players to enjoy their favorite games without any wagering requirements. You can choose any of the no wager casinos on the list and start playing the games you love the most. It will soon help you to boost your earnings.

What are Low Wagering Requirement Casinos?

These casinos offer bonuses with a reasonable or low wagering requirement, and hence, they are preferred by unlimited players all over the world. Reports reveal that low wagering requirement casinos are presently the most powerful and highly preferred casino platforms. Moreover, the free spins no deposit no wager requirement casinos provide amazing offers for free spins and cash to attract more audiences online. A list of low wagering casinos can be found here.

There is a huge difference between the bonuses with a high requirement or those with a low requirement. In simple terms, it can be defined as the players not coming closure to the winnings and players withdrawing winnings with ease.

Most of the reputed online casinos these days offer plenty of welcome bonuses to their new players to prove an edge in the competitive market. It helps them to attract more players.

Why Should You Choose No Wagering Casinos?

Playing with no wagering requirement casinos improve your winning chances by a considerable level. However, many players might still be confused about whether they should go ahead with casinos with wagering requirements or no wagering requirements. Well, below we have presented a few reasons to choose no wagering casinos:

Uncapped winnings

This is the interesting benefit of no wagering casinos. They provide uncapped winning opportunities to the players without any withdrawal limits. All that users need to do is register on the platform, make initial deposits, and play. There is no need to make any wagering calculation on how much you have used or how much is left through your winnings.

No wagering slots

The no wager casinos can help you to play some of the best gaming slots without any wagering rule attached to the welcome bonus. There are no hidden terms and conditions for such games. Players can win with their bonus spins and no deposit free spins while keeping all their winnings.

Stress-free gaming

It is possible to claim bonuses on no wagering casinos without any delay. It means players can have a more joyful gaming experience. The no wagering requirement casinos allow players to enjoy their games with leisure. You are not even forced to using your bonus in a short period of time; the choice depends on you.

Cashback offers

No wagering free spins casinos are becoming more and more popular due to their ability to provide appealing cashback offers. Note that the cashback is basically a partial refund of money that can be lost by the player in a set timeframe.

Bonus spin after 1st deposit

The first deposit bonuses are offered to new customers. The bonuses are transferred to the account right when the player makes his first most deposit on the website. The best thing to know about these welcome bonuses is that they do not have any wagering requirements. Hence, players are free to use them the way they want.

Free spins

When you use free spins no deposit no wager casinos, it is possible to avail extra bonuses in the form of free spins. Players find it a handsome opportunity to enhance their chances of winning without even making any additional deposits. The extra spins can be used in the slot games. Many times, users are even allowed to withdraw them immediately.

No Wagering Casino Bonus

All these amazing benefits attract players towards no wagering casinos. You can choose some of the most feature-rich no wagering casinos from the list above and start enjoying your favorite games online. If, on the other hand, you’re only interested in free spins, click here and go to our summary of casinos that have free spins for players in their offer.

Types of No Wagering Casino Bonus

Low Wagering Casino

Every casino player love to enjoy some new games online. They may make an in-depth analysis of the selection of casinos so that they can avail easy access to their favorite games. But at the same time, they give more preference to casino rewards as a selection parameter. The casino owners are always looking for some interesting tricks to capture the audience attention towards their platforms. And to prove their competitive edge, they usually try to offer amazing no wager casinos bonus, free spins, and many other cashback offers.

When casinos are trying to impress their customers with some attractive offers, the no wagering casinos create an opportunity for something better. They allow players to keep and withdraw their winnings without any restrictions. Those who are new to these platforms might be interested to know more about types of no wagering bonuses they offer. Don’t worry! Here we have a list of free spins no deposit no wager casino bonus types:

No deposit bonus

The first most element in the list is no deposit bonus that is usually available in the form of free spins and is rewarded right after the registration on the casino website. The eligibility of this offer does not depend on the deposits made by the player. Hence, users can claim their no deposit offers right after finishing the registration process. If we talk about the low wager casinos, they may need players to fulfill some wagering requirements to withdraw the profits. In that case, you may have to explore many other games to be eligible to withdraw the money. The no deposit no wager casino bonuses are a much better choice for crazy players. Go here to see a full list of casinos offering no deposit bonuses.

No wagering deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is something that most of the casino platforms offer to the new players when they sign up for the first time. The casinos are always interested in making a more generous offer to capture audience attention. In order to claim this offer, they can choose any preferred method for payment, and the bonus amount can be soon transferred to the account. There are plenty of casinos that allow players to enjoy no wagering deposit bonus, and it is the best way to keep all the profits.

No wagering free spins

Here is another famous no wagering free spins casino offer that is loved by all new players. These free spins usually come with no deposit bonuses, or they can also be awarded other deposit bonuses. On some rare occasions, the no wager free spins can be availed with regular promotion by casinos. They do not have any rollover requirement, but the winning limit is already specified.

No wagering cashback bonuses

It is also possible to avail of several no wagering casinos that offer cashback bonuses. They work more like magnets and help players to get their earned money back as soon as possible. Cashback bonuses are more like percentage refunds from the net loss of the player over a specific period of time. That is why people look for casinos with cashback bonuses.

Low wagering deposit bonus

Even when the wager is not completely zero, it is also possible to receive many attractive offers with low wager casinos. They are also a reliable option for players who are not in favor of heavy restrictions that are imposed with average or high wagering casinos.

Free spins or no deposit bonus – what’s the best option?

Online casinos offer two types of promo codes: the first option is no deposit free spins, and another option is no deposit bonus offer. You can choose one of these. The chances are that one casino offers no deposit free spins, and others may be offering no deposit bonus. So, players may get confused about which one to choose.

Well, we cannot say that one is right and the other is wrong. But when they wish to gain easy access to all your winning amount, it is important to make an informed decision. Below we have highlighted a few details about both:

Structure of no deposit bonuses

A bonus having a $20 offering with a 30x wagering requirement and minimum withdrawable limit of $100 for winnings can be defined as a no deposit bonus. These numbers are showing just an example; the amount and requirements may vary. When you claim such type of bonuses, an amount of $20 will be added to the bonus balance in your account.

Now you have to wager $600 (30 X $20) from this bonus, and the resulting wins. In case if you do not meet such wagering requirements, it is not possible to cash out the real money. Once you meet the wagering requirements, it is possible to use any amount between $20 to $100 as real cash.

Structure of no deposit free spins

In this case, let us consider that a player gets 20 free spins while playing a certain slot game. And you can win a maximum of $20 using these free spins. Let us consider that this bonus comes with a wagering requirement of 30x. Now, whenever you claim no deposit free spins, the casino will help you get 20 free spins for specific slot game. In this case, you can avail of the cumulative winning between $20 to $50, and they will be transferred to the bonus balance in your account.

In order to avail of these bonuses, the players need to wager 30x. In case if you don’t meet such a requirement, it is not possible to avail of the cash. However, as soon as you meet the requirement, the amount can be immediately transferred to the cash balance in your account. After this transfer, the bonus balance will instantly become zero.

Comparing no deposit free spins and no deposit bonuses:

  • The no deposit bonus starts with some guaranteed bonus amount, whereas in case of no deposit free spins, players can avail bonus money up to a certain threshold range.
  • With the no deposit bonus, it is possible to receive your specific bonus amount only after completing the wagering requirement. However, in case of no deposit free spins, as soon as you wager through the bonus money, there is no limit over cash out. Note that some casinos may pose a maximum limit on winning cash.

No Deposit Bonuses Vs. No Wagering Bonuses

There are plenty of unique options for promotions on online casino no wager. Below we have highlighted a few differences between them:

  • No deposit bonuses get activated right after the user’s registration on the website. As it is clear from the name, they don’t require any prior deposit. But yes, they have some wagering requirements. You may find no deposit casino bonus with a low wagering rate, but it means you have to deposit some money. For instance, if the bonus includes ten free spins and those spins helped you to win 10 EUR, it is important to fulfill the wagering requirement to withdraw this winning amount.
  • On the other side, the no wagering casino bonuses need some deposit. For example, the casino offers you a 300% bonus; it will simply triple your initial budget. However, in order to trigger this offer, you need to deposit some minimum amount. Players will not be able to receive the benefit by just completing the registration; rather, by making the first deposit. Note that there is no specific wagering requirement to withdraw bonuses; you can avail benefits immediately.

There is no doubt to say that both types of bonuses have their own pros and cons. But the free spins no deposit no wager casinos are always an amazing choice due to their attractive offers and added convenience.

Is it possible to consider all no wagering casinos as free casinos?


Well, it is high time to understand that nothing comes for free in this competitive world. A similar concept must be applied to the no wagering casinos as well. Users can receive their bonus only if they make a certain specific deposit. Note that different casinos follow different threshold ranges for this purpose, and the terms may also vary. Some websites also assure great cashback so that players can avail money back even after losing the game, or they can keep all the winning amount.

Most of the online casinos these days are offering an attractive welcome package to prove their edge ahead of competitors. You can also find many unique options for no wagering deposit bonuses, and no wagering spins as well. But note that both these bonuses can be utilized by the players only after making some investment. It is difficult to find a no deposit bonus with some no welcome wagering bonus on an online no wagering free spins platform.

Can no wagering casinos help you get rich?

Well, a practical answer to this is No. Although it may sound a little disappointing, casinos are not designed with the purpose of making people rich. They are just like some online playgrounds where people put some bets and make efforts to win. The bet size is usually fixed, and the size of the bet may vary from the lower range to maximum. Most of the casinos these days even prefer to limit their maximum withdrawable amount. However, you should not feel disappointed about this fact, because after all, you are going to receive some rewards. You can definitely squeeze a considerable amount while playing your favorite games on no wagering casinos.

What are the risks associated with no wagering casinos?

One should always stay aware of the terms and conditions of no wagering casinos. They should look surprising when you are ready to put a bet on casino games online. It is better to read all the terms and conditions before signing into any online casino platform. You should be aware of its no wagering requirements, along with a few other essential details regarding deposits, bonuses, and offers.

It is important to understand the payment processing system on these platforms. Generally, players that make deposits via e-wallets may not be able to claim for the bonus. Hence, it is good to check that the payment method you follow doesn’t make you lose the related bonus benefits.

At the same time, one should also get detailed information about the minimum deposit requirement of casinos. Few no wagering casinos may require users to deposit the minimum amount of 10 Euros, whereas others may ask for 20 Euros. It is better to go through the terms and conditions ahead of time to make adequate decisions.


You have gone through a detailed knowledge base now, and it might have cleared some of your doubts as well. Beginners may find this guide quite useful to make decisions about the best type of casinos. Here we have discussed details about no wagering requirement casinos and the types of bonuses they may offer to the users.

After going through this guide, the first most task for casino lovers is to shortlist the most useful casino from the list. Check its terms and conditions while verifying details about eligibility requirements to get bonuses.

It is the right time to start your casino gaming experience with the best online, free spins no deposit no wager casinos. Good Luck!

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Casino of the weekLeo Vegas

The welcome offer available at Leo Vegas gives you a total of €700. This bonus programme is available in three variations given for three consecutive deposits. No matter which one you are going to choose as you will certainly be able to receive unbelievable prizes!

Casino Guide

Wagering requirements are the restrictions (the fine print, the strings attached) placed upon anything won while using free or bonus cash. Many players eventually find out that they should have looked for no wagering casinos — ­­if they had only known!

mFortune gifts you £5 FREE as soon as you join - and you get to keep what you win!

Terms and conditions apply. See full details on website.

PocketWin offers you generous bonuses: Claim up to £10 no deposit bonus & keep what you win! There are also 50 free spins on select slots & much more!

Terms and conditions apply. See full details on website.

Mr. Spin gives you top PayPal slots with smashing bonuses: join & get 50 FREE spins – no deposit needed on any game you choose! You even get to keep what you win!

Terms and conditions apply. See full details on website.

No Wagering Requirement

Firstly, in the most obvious sense, from the player’s point of view, wagering requirements are counter productive. This type of rule found in Ts&Cs takes the fun and benefits away from your wondrous moment of winning.

Here are a few vital points that are key points about wagering requirements:

  • Play Through — same as ‘wagering’, this refers to the amount (bonus + factor like 20X or more) that must be bet before withdrawing
  • Keep What You Win — winnings when using bonuses are credited as withdrawable real cash money funds
  • Minimum Withdrawal — when it comes to withdrawal restrictions, the less, the better!

There are only a few instances of an online and mobile casino with no wager bonus (literally only a handful), which somehow buck the norm by liberating their new members from wagering requirements. For example, mFortune does not enforce wagering requirements, which means the new players at this keep what you win casino can withdraw their winnings fair and square and without delay!

Lowest Possible Restrictions

Most value hunting players will at some point decide to target casinos without wagering requirements or with the best casino wagering requirements — so that they can get the most out of their money, while also ensuring they can withdraw quickly without red tape.

Many players who have felt disheartened after having faced wagering requirements do not expect much anymore from welcome bonuses. They may even treat the benefits as a fancy form of demo mode, since the wins might get problematic. Others tend to look for the lowest wagering requirements before they sign up, which is a reasonable approach ­­ here are a couple great sites with lower restrictions.

Full Explanation

To really understand how wagering requirements work, you either must suffer a major ‘fine print’ disaster like discovering you cannot withdraw a huge win until betting a certain amount first, or, you have to go through a specific example (see below).

Get a Handle on Wagering

We tend to think that going through an example is very diligent and can save you problems in the future. The first step is to select a couple casinos to compare and contrast how they enforce wagering requirements.

Seeing it in Print

We picked two very prominent mobile casinos — 777 and Moobile — which are offered by different gaming platforms and have very different player communities. Scan the following comparison points of their wagering requirements with a £20 deposit:

No Deposit£5£0£0£0
First Deposit100%100%100%100%
Multiple1 x30 x50 x20 x
Ts & CsDeposit+BonusBonus onlyBonus onlyDeposit+Bonus
Time limit--90 days30 days30 days
Applies to..£45£20£20£40
Play through£45£600£1,000£800
Video Poker100%10%0%10%
Wager Required
Video Poker£45£6,000N/A£8,000

Now that we have exposed these restrictions that normally stay buried in the Ts&Cs as fine print, here are normal descriptions of our two example casinos:


Based upon Dragonfish software, 777 has a historic Vegas theme, and offers up to £200 in matching cash. Wagering requirements are 30x, with a nice twist. Winnings are capped at either the amount of the bonus or £500 unless you win a jackpot!

Moobile Games

Moobile is powered by IGT and the UK’s own Probability game portfolio, so it is a premier casino for players on the go. Its 100% welcome bonus goes up to £150 and there are loads of ongoing top up specials.

What the Requirement Means

If you queried casinos about how they took up this practice in the first place, then in their own defence they would point out that wagering requirements are designed to prevent criminals from perpetrating fraud by misusing account balances or trying to ‘game’ the bonus programme itself.

But beyond that, you should see our breakdown of how this type of restriction is enforced, or how it affects an actual new player who makes a deposit. Imagine you just signed up and deposited your first £10. Let’s take it apart:

  • You have £10 of your own cash in your bankroll, plus £10 bonus cash.
  • You win some cash as you play through the bonus!
  • Wait, first, play through the rest of the bonus cash …
  • Now, you’ll have wager 30x the bonus (30 x £10), which is £300 …
  • And, keep in mind that various games like slots or table games or even bingo will count differently toward the requirements.
  • If you fulfill those basic requirements then you will be permitted to withdraw your win ­­ but, it may be capped at a lower amount than you won.

After seeing how this works, we bet you are resolving to find mobile casinos with no wagering requirements as soon as possible! We can sympathise.

Where to Find Them

Where is this fine print hidden concerning bonus cash? It is not something casinos are eager to advertise, after all, so you will not find wagering requirements in bold or waved before your eyes.

The answer is simple: you’re on a hunt for the Terms and Conditions, which are sometimes called T&C’s. Sometimes you’ll find this important information (including the wagering factor and any caps on wins) in one of many places:

  • The main site navigation
  • At the bottom of the homepage
  • Linked from a promotion announcement
  • Linked from the (tiny) core site links at the very bottoms of pages

In closing, we would just advise you to pause one moment before making the first payment into a new casino bankroll and ask yourself whether you have high hopes to win with your bonus cash ­­ if so, then read those T&C’s and know what you’re getting into. Or, play at casinos without the restrictions to make things easier, and more winning! – 2018