If you are new to Red Dead Redemption 2, you must know how important is to have a best horse in RDR 2. If you have been playing the game, you must have an idea about the free White Arabian (Elite Arabian) that everyone gets in the beginning of the game. Before we delve deeper into this guide, you should know that there are several types of horses available in Red Dead Redemption 2 and each have their own advantages.


Horses in RDR 2 are nothing but your constant companion in the game and make it easier for you to achieve your mission at the earliest. There are certain missions in the Red Dead Redemption 2 that you can only achieve when you are fighting on horseback. Red Dead Redemption 2: Cougar Locations And Perfect Pelt Hunting Guide

Start Red Dead Redemption 2 Online with one fastest and best Horse.This video will show you the Location of the RDR2 Online Best Horse & Fastest Guide, RDR2. Follow this trick to unlock all best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 in Chapter 2. There is a location in RDR2 Chapter 2 where you can summon all the best.

As we have mentioned above that there multiple horses in RDR 2 and one of them is The Tennessee Walker, which you can get at the early of the game. But you must know that The Tennessee is not considered as best horses in RDR 2.

Unlike best horses, The Tennessee has a slow gait and it very frail. The draft horse you get during the “Exit, Pursued by a Bruised Ego” mission in Chapter 2 is only a little bit better. If you are looking to get the best horse in the beginning of RDR 2, it is a Dutch Warmblood workhorse. Yes, it has a lot of health and stamina, but is still pretty slow. Notably, it is going to costs you $450.


Fortunately, we have brought you a list of best horses in RDR 2, which you can get for free once you have finished the “Exit” mission and are given access to stables.

There are horses in RDR 2 that you can get only if you have superior stats in speed, acceleration, health, and stamina.

How to Get Best Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 For Free


As we have informed earlier that there are several types of horses in Red Dead Redemption 2, most of them have many advantages but they have some drawbacks as well. The following table will help you finding some of the best horses in a particular category at a glance:

Missouri Fox TrotterSpeed Base 7, Accel Base 5Amber Champagne, Silver Dapple Pinto
NokotaSpeed Base 7, Accel Base 5Reverse Dapple Roan
ThoroughbredSpeed Base 7, Accel Base 5Brindle
ArabianSpeed Base 6, Accel Base 6Rose Grey Black, Black, White Arabian
TurkomanSpeed Base 6, Accel Base 5Gold, Dark Bay, Silver

How to Get the Free Elite White Arabian Horses in RDR 2

Horses in RDR 2 have been divided into multiple categories informing you about how good they are. The categories includes riding, draft, work, race and war. Besides categories, they have have handling styles such as standard, race and heavy giving you an idea of how they ride.

Talking about the Arabian Horses in RDR 2, they come in the ‘superior’ category and their handling style in ‘elite’. Everyone wants to get the Arabian Horses in RDR 2, but it is not as easy as you think to get them.

The best place to find the Arabian Horse is on the northwestern side of Lake Isabella in Grizzlies West. To start, Fast Travel to Strawberry and ride north.


Rose Grey Bay Arabian Horse

  • You must find the white horse in the snowy bank around the frozen lake. Notably, it lives alone, without other horses.
  • Once you have found, approach the Elite White Arabian very slowly as she will spook easily.
  • Study her with RB.
  • Once you have studied the White Arabian, you will gain a “Calm Bar” showing her alert level.
  • Slowly approach while constantly hitting the button shown to calm her.
  • Then, you will to unlock a Pat button. Pat her.
  • Then you will have an option to mount her.
  • Once mounted, the White Arabian will make all possible efforts to buck you off. Fight her movement with the left stick to keep from falling off. A few moment later, she will finally break, and there you will have your horses.
  • Transfer your saddle to the Elite White Arabian to keep her and then ride to a Stable to improve her stats even further.
  • The other Arabian Horses still boast impressive speed and acceleration, but the Black coat can only be bought from Chapter 4 onwards from the Saint Denis Stable, and the Rose Grey Bay coat can only be bought at the Epilogue in the Blackwater Stable.

Why The White Arabian Horse Is The Best

The first and foremost reason is that you can tame the White Arabian horse in Chapter 2. The second reason is that it has same 6 in speed and acceleration as the other Arabian horses, but only a 6 in health and stamina. Meaning, it will have an 8 in every stat once you have fully bonded with it.

Unlike the White Arabian hose, Dutch Warmblood which costs $450 has only 5 health and 6 stamina, but only 4 speed and 3 acceleration.

How to Get the Missouri Fox Trotters in Red Dead Redemption 2

The Missouri Fox Trotter breed boasts the best base speed in the game that come with an excellent acceleration, as well as good health and stamina to boot. However, you can buy these horses from stables. Yes, they cannot be tamed in the wild or stolen from others.

Best Horse Rdr2 Online 2019

If you wish to buy The Amber Champagne, you will have to wait until Chapter 4 at the Scarlett Meadows Stable, while the Silver Dapple Pinto coat shows up in Epilogue 1, at the Blackwater Stable. You can buy both at around $950.

How to Get the Nokota Reverse Dapple Roan in Red Dead Redemption 2

Among all the Nakota Coats, it is the Reverse Dapple Roan that boasts superior Speed and high acceleration over the other Nokota coats. It is to be noted that you can buy the Reverse Dapple Roan from a stable once you reach Chapter 4, and go to the Saint Denis Stable.

How to Get the Thoroughbred in RDR 2

There are three Thoroughbred coats available in Red Dead Redemption and two of them you can find in the wild with reduced stats, meaning the Brindle coat has much better stats, and can be bought as early as Chapter 3, at the Strawberry Stable. Free play slots no deposit no bank cards.

How to Get the Turkomans in Red Dead Redemption 2

Similar to Thoroughbred Thoroughbred, there are three Turkoman coats in RDR 2, and all of them have great speed, acceleration, and health. Turkoman coats can only be purchased after completing the Chapter 4 and going to the Saint Denis Stable. The Dark Bay will spawn in the Blackwater Stable during the Epilogue, while the Silver coat will also appear in the Epilogue at the Tumbleweed Stable.

Best Horse Rdr2 online, free

Horses are the main form of transportation as it is reliable and can come to you from further distances. Horses are just like the characters in Red Dead Redemption 2. They need to be fed, have rest, and maintain a healthy life in order to function better. To get the best out of your horse, we highly recommend you increase the bond you have with it. You can increase the bond by petting it when you’re on it and feeding it regularly with some good quality horse food. You need to keep track of your horse’s stamina pretty often as it increases its speed and durability in tricky situations. If your bond is strong with your horse, nobody can steal your horse and sometimes when people go near it, especially from behind it may kick other people.

Best Horses Rdr2 Online Reddit

This just shows how Rockstar managed to make Red Dead Redemption 2 in a way we haven’t seen before. There are 19 types of horses in the game from Shires to Appaloosas to Arabians to Mustangs to Belgians, each of which handles differently with its own defined characteristics. Some may be more aggressive and some may be brave horses bred for combat. You can also capture and tame wild horses for later use. Some places in the map offer the player to tame their horses as an activity.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Best Horse

Although horses are one of the strongest animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, Cougars and Bears can kill your horse with just one hit. Keep in mind that once your horse is dead, there is no way to revive it. So we recommend you take an easy path if you don’t want your horse to be opposed by any danger. Horses are a way of life in Red Dead Redemption 2. After all, back in those days, horses were mans best friends. Stay tuned for more Red Dead Redemption 2 guidelines!

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