It can be difficult to choose which online slot game to play with so many gaming and casino sites claiming to offer the best online slots. To help you pick the best online slot for you, we have put together this concise but informative guide on what you should be looking for before you start a single spin.

  • Well, to be honest, the variations of the online slots can vary wildly from provider to provider and obviously, players’ preferences dictate the developments of new online slots. At EnergyWin, choosing your favourite online slots is quite easy since you can search for providers, features (jackpot versions) and also type the name of the game.
  • So you've seen Betsoft Gaming slots online and you want to find the best casino to play them in. Well, our Betsoft online casino list can help you do just that, with ratings, reviews and special filters to help you make your decision.
  • Feb 03, 2021 So you've seen Betsoft Gaming slots online and you want to find the best casino to play them in. Well, our Betsoft online casino list can help you do just that, with ratings, reviews and special filters to help you make your decision.

Check out these five factors below to help you decide whether you should play or leave an online slot offer:

What To Consider When Choosing Your Online Slot Game

Before you choose your online slot game and make a single spin, we highly advise you consider these following five factors:

  • – Types of slots
  • – Denominations
  • – Numbers of reels
  • – RTP
  • – Maximum payout

What Type of Slots Can I Play?

When you are searching for the best online slots experience you really need to know about the different types of games out there. Listed below are the main types of online slot games available for you to play:

  • – Classic Slots
  • – Fruit Machines
  • – Video Slots

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Classic slots are often the simplest and easiest to play of all the different slots available. The graphics and animations tend to be simple with sound effects and distractions kept to a minimum. This simplicity of game play makes it an ideal introduction to beginners whilst the addition of bonus games and multiplier symbols keeps the interest of more experienced players.

Fruit Machines are at first glance similar to classic slot games. However, there are clear differences as fruit machines are much more interactive due to the gambling features contained within these games such as the hold and nudge feature and gamble option. The nudge feature allows a player to decide whether to nudge a specific reel or reels down to aid in the match of symbols. The hold feature gives you the choice to hold a specific reel or reels in the same place before the next spin. The gamble feature allows the player to gamble their winnings for more profit at the risk of losing it all with the wrong outcome.

Video slots are the opposite of classic slots in terms of design as they have highly detailed and creative graphics combined with video technology. Video slots can offer over 100 paylines, interactive bonus games and a wide variety of bonus symbols. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of 3D slot games with further development in graphics, animation and realistic gameplay. This slot type is all about entertaining and enhancing the visual and audio appeal for the player whilst also giving the player a chance to win substantial payout wins. It is these video slots that you see at online casinos with games such as Jurassic Park, Bloodsuckers, Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest being among the most popular.

Why Do Denominations, Paylines and Number of Reels Matter?

It is important to know about denominations, paylines and number of reels when playing slots, so let’s have a look at each of them in turn:-

Denominations are the value of currency an online slot game will accept. Many online slot games will accept different types of currency including the UK pound and the US dollar. In addition, virtually all online slots offer a wide variety of different stake options per spin in the game. Focusing on the UK pound, stake options vary from 1p per spin to over £100 per spin. Although higher stakes will result in higher payouts, you need to consider how much you are prepared to bet before deciding on your stake per spin.

Reels are a row of spinning symbols on each online slot game. The most basic reel combination is the “3 reel combination” which is often found on your classic slots and some fruit machines. The “5 reel combination” is now the most popular slot combination and is available on virtually every type of slot game. The “7 reel combination” offers the largest variety of ways a player can win. However, there are relatively few online slot games offering this option at present.

Paylines are the line or lines within an online slot game which payout on a winning combination. This varies from 1 payout (found in classic slot games) to 100 or more paylines which feature in most online slots and video slots. It is important to note you will only win on the paylines you bet on. In addition, your winnings will be based on the stake placed per spin. Both of these factors will determine your payout amount on winning combinations.

What is RTP and Why Is This So Important?

The acronym RTP stands for “return to player” and is a measure of how much an online slot will pay back to the player over time. RTP is most commonly shown as a percentage value and in all cases is below 100%. The best online slots offer an RTP of 97% and above. To get the most value out of your slot experience you should be aiming for an RTP of 95% (at an absolute minimum). You can view more info about RTP in our article here.

What Are the Maximum Payouts and Why Does the Type of Online Slot Matter?

Best Honest Online Slots

When you decide to play an online slot the maximum payout is in the form of two different types of jackpot: flat and progressive jackpots. When you play your chosen online slot, you will be playing for one of these types of jackpot, but not for both. Knowing the difference between these two types of jackpot is very important as this is likely to influence your decision to favour one style over the other.

A flat jackpot is one that sits at a fixed amount regardless of how many players are playing the online slot. When these jackpots are won, they are instantly replaced with the same amount.

A progressive jackpot is one that grows each time a player plays an online slot. For each game, a player adds a percentage of the stake to the jackpot.

The progressive jackpot leads to larger wins (sometimes in the millions). However, you may be more comfortable with smaller fixed amount flat wins as you have a better chance of winning these than the progressive jackpot.

Best Online Slots That Pay

Ready To Start Playing

Once you have taken into account all of the five factors outlined above you will be able to choose the best online slot game for you. If you are looking for a casino with a wide variety of slots then you may want to check out Volt Casino.

Online Slots For Money

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Here is an updated list of online casinos that offer best payouts. Below the table you can find more details about casino payouts, parameters to check and FAQ. Have fun!

Best american betting website. Being an American affords you the freedom to be yourself and do what you want. One area where we’ve seen extensive growth when it comes to freedom is with online sports betting. Many states and jurisdictions have passed favorable laws paving the way for the best. Arguably, Bovada is the biggest US betting site in 2020, which is a title they’ve earned. Founded in 2011 in Canada, Bovada provides one of the most comprehensive sports betting experiences currently available to American punters.

Casino Payouts Explained

How to evaluate casino payouts? How you can know which site offers better payouts and which parameters affect it? These are things that each casino player must know. We promise not to go into statistics here and keep things simple.

So first, there are 2 (3) parameters that determine casino payouts:

  1. RTP (return) of the games the casino offers.
  2. Bonuses the casino offers.


Here we should not consider the average of all casino games, as that’s less important. We need to check only the type of game we actually play. For example high payout slots won’t help if you are into blackjack and vice versa. So we need to check the games relevant to us.

Second, we need to see the average of those games. Checking the return of all 1500 slot machines won’t help us. We need to see the top 20/50/100 slots to understand what is the highest values we can get from the casino. In our tests we check the top 50 to calculate the value we get from a certain casino.


We explained it in depth on our cashable bonuses page, but the bonuses the casino offers have huge influence on the payouts. Good welcome offer can place your odds above the house; a bad one can lock you into endless palythrough. Good, frequent and cashable promos is the key to high casino payouts.

The Third Factor:

So these two factors determine the payout of any casino. But there is an important third factor that we must consider. The fairness and speed of payouts. As even if you win $1,000,000 it won’t help you much if you can’t get it. You can read more on that on our fastest withdrawal casinos page.

Bottom line:

Finding highest payout online casino is not that hard. First check the games it offers (in the category that interests you), second check the bonuses it offers and last its payout speed and consistency. That’s it.

Best Payout Casinos FAQ

Which online casino has the best payouts?

Best online casinos that payout vary by country. You can see our listing on top to find the top ones (we do show the relevant ones to you). Those offer high payout slots and casino games, cashable bonuses (very important) and high jackpots.

Which online casinos offer the highest slots payouts?

You can see the listings on top but just to name the main ones. Highest payout online casino USA is Ignition Casino. In Australia the casino that offers highest slot payouts is King Billy. When it comes to UK, Europe and Canada – top payout casino online is currently SpinIT.

FreeWhich casino games have the highest payouts?

If you are only into slots, then you can check our list of loosest online slots. Overall, the highest payout casino games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Video Poker. Of course there are various versions of each game so you need to pay attention and check the rules of the specific game.

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