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Carreer Earnings. An enigma, Gus Hansen may have written a poker book, the hugely popular Every Hand Revealed. Andy Black Earnings of All time $4,600,830 (84 ITM) Marty Smyth. Poker database updated on 29 Sep 2019: players 446450 circuits 128. Irish poker pro Andy Black may no longer be the international star that he once was, but that doesn’t mean his skills have diminished, as he recently proved by posting a win at the Dublin Poker. Andy Black played poker extremely well in European poker tournaments and placed 5th in the 2005 WSOP Main Event. In this Main Event, Andy Black was a final table chip leader with more than a 1/3 of the chips. However, bad beats were dealt left and right by his opponents, and he only finished in 5th place taking home nearly $2 million. Andy Black, a legendary Irish Poker player took home €18,150 after coming in first place in an amateur competition at the Poker Festival in Dublin. In recent years Black has somewhat fallen out of the public sphere but he proved that his skills are as sharp as ever with.

The epitome of poker greatness is definitely visible in the eyes of Andy Black. Black is one of the few professional poker players who had survived the obstacles of poker tournaments. Maybe only a few people recognize his name, but Andy Black has, by far, contributed many great achievements to the World of Poker.

The Humble Beginnings of Andy Black

Andy Black Poker

Andrew Black, most commonly known as Andy or the Monk, is a professional poker player from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Currently, Andy Black is residing at Dublin.

Andy Black started playing poker when he was still a child and usually played cards with his mother. In 1986, he took poker as a game a more seriously. While studying law in Trinity College in Dublin, Black pursued his lifelong goal of becoming a professional poker player. He joined a long-running poker school, Junior Common Room, which has produced greats like Donnacha O’ Dea and Padraig Parkinson.


Andy Black’s Poker Career

Lucky days casino 20 free spins. Black started his poker career in small-time tournaments, but his first major tournament was the 1997 World Series of Poker Main Event. Although it was a great chance for becoming known in the poker circuit and bagging the prize, Andy Black was defeated by another poker legend, Stu Ungar, but Ungar probably used all his poker powers to beat the poker skills of Andy Black. In the end, Ungar won the match, and Black was crushed by his loss in that tournament. He had learned a very important lesson though in the 1997 tournament, and that is to focus on your goal of winning the game but not taking the loss too hard.

By the following year, Andy Black tried his luck once more and returned to the World Series of Poker, but it was an event that Andy Black will never forget. Instead of a glorious comeback like he expected, Black faced an utterly sorrowful defeat, and that defeat finally shattered his poker career. He then retired from playing poker for five years and gave away all his belongings to move to England where he joined a Buddhist congregation.

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It was through Buddhism that the renewed Andy Black had the courage to return to the poker world. He came back with an open mind, an eagerness to win the fight, and a feeling of no remorse if he does not win. The fruits of his labor finally paid off, and Andy Black won the European Tour as well as the World Poker tour. He also finished fifth in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Today, Black is an official professional poker player of Full Tilt Poker. As of this year, his total earnings reached over $4 million.

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